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Homeschool Writing: Special Needs

The Here to Help Learning Writing Program has worked well with special needs children because of the high use of the visual component. A child can participate in whatever level they can, even if the child can just write a few words or sentences. As the teacher, you have the ability to pace with your special needs student at whatever writing level is presented.

This program has been used with students who have autism, dysgraphia, dyslexia, and sensory processing disorder with incredible results. 

My background and education is in nursing (Registered Nurse specializing in rehabilitation, specifically head trauma, spinal cord injury, stroke, and orthopedic abnormalities). My focus in rehabilitation nursing was to maximize the patient’s function and assist in accepting their limitations. I saw my role as a cheerleader, encouraging and cheering on the next skill to be learned. Parents of a special needs child know well what I am saying. I believe every child deserves the opportunity to reach their potential.

15 Must-Have Features for Your Special Needs Writing Program

Dysgraphia: Exploring Effective Strategies

Dyslexia: Spelling Tips for Struggling Spellers

Learning the Art of Home Education from Parents of Special Needs Children 

“Here to Help Learning Team, I just want to thank you so much for developing this absolutely amazing writing program! We have an 11-year-old son who has Aspergers, and language arts is a struggle (understatement!) and discouragement for us. We have tried several things, but we have been unsuccessful in finding something that would work for him. With tears in my eyes as I write this to you, I want to thank you for using your incredible gifts that God has blessed you ALL with (each one of you!) to create this program. Even though we are at the end of our homeschool year, we decided to just TRY your program with him. This entire school year, getting him to write even THREE sentences has been a struggle. I’m not even joking. His first Writing Warm-Up resulted in him filling BOTH pages and telling me he needed one more page so he could finish his story! Each Writing Warm-Up since then has been nearly the same! He absolutely LOVES the video lessons and the activities and had the writing process steps memorized after the first lesson.”

-Laurie D.