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Value #5 Creating a Culture for Writing

February 16, 2018

The Big Reveal

Here are the pics I promised you! Here she is, my daughter, BusyGirl, in her Victorian dress complete with undergarments. I’m so proud of our girl! She turned twelve yards of fabric into a proper Victorian garment. As a board member of the local historical society, she is in charge of heading up community events for kids. This past week, she led a tour of eighth-grade public school students who are learning about local art and history. BusyGirl is in her element, and she is thriving with confidence. Homeschooling through high school is so worth it! How did I craft this kind of experience for BusyGirl? Keep scrolling! Check out my blog post at the bottom.











Congratulations Katie M. of Louisville, Kentucky!

Winner of the 2017

Write Early, Write Often, Write Well Writing Contest!

Keep scrolling to hear how it happened!

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Writing Tip

Creating a Culture for Writing

 There are ten values that create a foundation for homeschool writing success. (See picture below) We create a culture for writing when we put these values into action.


Creating a Culture For Writing:

Value #5 Purpose in Writing

We, adults, don’t write unless we have a reason to write.

We write for a purpose. We make a list of what we need from the grocery store. We write a thank you note when we receive a gift. We write a love note to our spouse because we want to show our love. We write to a government official because we desire a change in policy. We jot down memories or family stories because we are motivated to record family history we don’t want to forget. We share our opinions, our passions, or our thoughts to the world through the written word. The bottom line is we pick up a pen or type words because we have a cause. 

Kids are no different. When our kiddos have a reason to write they will write for longer than we would ever expect. Example, our kids will engage in writing for hours upon hours when they are crafting the rules for the new fort in the backyard that will house the BOYS ONLY CLUB or to tell a story from their imagination. Most writing assignments in school are written, corrected by the teacher, and placed in the back of a notebook only to collect dust and to be tossed in a landfill at the end of the year. We must show our young authors that the written word means so much more! If we look at typical writing prompts, they often lack purpose and therefore lack in value to the young author. Writing must have a purpose.

You have the opportunity as home educators to value purpose in writing by carefully choosing writing prompts that matter to your young writer.

That’s what Gwen’s father did. 

Meet Gwen, a wonderful young lady who, as her dad reported, was not a fan of the subject of writing, and her writing skills were stymied by her lack of engagement in writing instruction. Gwen’s father, a homeschool dad, and a Christian man wanted to instill in his daughter that writing for God’s glory matters and it has the power to change the world. I like that Jeff’s goal for his daughter was God-sized!

Jeff chose Here to Help Learning’s Writing instruction for his daughter because as he said, “I don’t want my daughter to learn how to write just to get a good job or impress others; I want her to learn how to write to make a difference in the world.”  Here to Help Learning has the kind of writing prompts that get kids to think about stuff that matters.

One of HTHL’s projects is called Real-Life Hero. The students are encouraged to think about the heroes in their life. Gwen used her emerging writing skills to encourage a missionary in Africa named Charl who faces some pretty tough situations. Gwen wrote about how Charl is a real-life hero and read her writing project to Charl, and it encouraged him. You can read her essay in, Meaningful Writing Projects Matter.

“We started using this program with my older daughters this last year after seeing Here to Help Learning at a homeschool convention. My daughters went from not liking writing to it being one of their favorite subjects. Mrs. Mora truly does a great job of engaging the students and making the subject enjoyable. As a result, both of their writing skills have increased dramatically (it’s amazing what happens when they actually enjoy what they are doing). My younger son has seen his sisters and now he cannot wait to start this next year. I am very happy we found Here to Help Learning.”-Jeff E. (Gwen’s dad)

Choose writing prompts that connect your child’s world with the real world and set the bar high like Jeff did for his family. Create a culture for writing in your home by valuing purpose in writing.

Here to Help Learning

Gwen made a difference in the world by using here writing to encourage Charl, an African missionary.

Can you think of a friend who might need to know how to create a positive culture for writing in their home? Why don’t you invite your homeschool bestie to sign-up?

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Congratulations to Katie M., winner of the 2017 Writing Contest. Katie won an iPad Mini! She was super excited when she got the news!

Did you miss your chance to win in 2018?

Write Early*Write Often*Write Well Writing Contest 2018 is ON!

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Here’s the best part! When you enter the writing contest, you also get published!

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Write Early Write Often Write Well

When you write, kids around the world benefit! Compassion International

Write Early Write Often Write Well

Write Early Write Often Write Well

2017 Anthology is in the Editing Department!


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“My daughter loves, loves, loves your writing program! She has improved so much this year with her writing skills. She was especially enthralled with the poetry section and disappointed when it ended. However, now she writes poetry on her own using her new skills.I am looking forward to using your program again next year.”

-Lynette A.


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PS-I include my “recipe” for curriculum choices in the post!



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