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We Have Winners! and The Power of Publishing!

May 12, 2017

We have winners!

Congratulations to:

February 2017: Joshua R. (Third-Fourth Grade) Lutz, Florida

March 2017: Corban A. (Fifth-Sixth Grade) Metamora, Illinois

April 2017: Suhaansie W. (Kinder-First Grade) Freemont, California

“My son danced all over the house, but is now seated in front of the laptop excitedly writing another story. Thank you for encouraging him!!!” Corban’s Mom


Did you enter the “Write All About It!” writing contest this month?

Can’t win if you don’t enter!

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Did you enter a story in 2016?

If the answer is yes, then congratulations, you are a published author! Click HERE to check out and order the first volume of Write Early, Write Often Write Well Anthology.

And here’s the best part. All profits go to benefit Compassion International!

That’s what we call a win-win!

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Write Early, Write often, Write Well Anthology 2016

Weekly Writing Tips

Writing Tip

The Power of Publishing

We ask our kids to brainstorm, research and make lists, web ideas, write a first rough draft, revise content, write a second rough draft, correct spelling and grammar, rewrite the project and then…….we tell them to put their writing project in the back of their notebook. We neglect to allow our young authors the opportunity the joyful experience of publishing or sharing their written work.

Many adult authors refer to this quote:

“I don’t like to write, but I love having written.”

There is something about publishing that keeps a writer writing. It’s like baby’s first cry after hours of labor. The work is worth it!

Publishing, the last step in the writing process, fuels momentum for the next writing project. Positive responses gained from the experience encourage the next round of hard work.

Each Here to Help Learning Writing Project has a publishing assignment that utilizes safe relationships in the child’s world to experience the joy of writing.

As a co-op teacher, I saw many parents omit this step. Perhaps it was because of the time it took or maybe it was the energy required to arrange the opportunity. It could be that the parent didn’t value its importance. I’m not sure. But here’s what I observed:

The kids who didn’t complete the publishing assignment required a lot of coaxing for the next writing project.

The kids who engaged in the publishing step were ready and eager for the next writing project challenge.

What if my child is reluctant about sharing his writing project?

Sometimes, young authors may be reluctant to engage in the publishing step. Learning how to put your writing in a public space can be scary. Remember writing is about the heart. It is a skill that your child will learn if you provide a safe setting. Free to modify the publishing assignment in order to pace with your child’s comfort level while encouraging him/her to stretch in this area. Trust is a key element to success. Students who regularly engage in publishing his/her work become confident writers. It’s an important skill, and once a student experiences the joy of publishing, it helps him/her grow as a writer.

A grandma or grandpa who says to a young writer, “I really like what you wrote.” or “I love this sentence.” can do more for a child’s writing confidence than just writing instruction alone.

It’s that vital.

So please, use the power of publishing!


Have questions about Here to Help Learning?

Do you have a question about Here to Help Learning?

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 What does Cathy Duffy say about Here to Help Learning?

“Here to Help Learning’s Writing Program is perfect for the family or group class in need of an enthusiastic instructor. The courses are very easy-to-use and enjoyable for both students and adults. They also make it possible to teach children together if they are within a few grade levels of one another. The Christian aspects of the course—memory verses, mentions of faith and God throughout the courses, and activities that stress Christianity in action—are more thoroughly and effectively integrated than in most other Christian writing courses.”Cathy Duffy (Curriculum Review)

We’ll help your first grader get from

here to there so he can go everywhere!


Do you have a plan for writing instruction?

Here to Help Learning specializes in grades 1-6 writing instruction.

If you are already signed up for Here to Help Learning‘s Writing Program, you have an awesome plan in place spanning six years of instruction that includes solid writing instruction AND a beautiful collection of your child’s memories and stories written (or dictated) by your child that won’t fade away.

If you don’t have a plan, sign-up today! (PSA: You get 14 days FREE!)

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Yes, it was my mom’s faith and a hundred little bookmarks that paved the way to my own faith in Jesus. Join me as I seek to honor my incredible mother in A Hundred Little Bookmarks.


Where are we going next? 

Convention Memes INCH.001

May 18-20, 2017 INCH Convention Lansing Michigan

Besides the workshops that I’ve listed below, on Saturday, at 12:45 pm, I have the privilege of serving on the INCH Special Needs Discussion Panel. Bring your lunch and your questions!

  • Embracing Marketing Shifts in the Homeschooling Community
  • Finding Pieces to the Puzzle (Special Needs)
  • Keeping Your Smart Cookie Challenged
  • Frugal and Fabulous
  • Educational Life Hacks for Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, and Dyspraxia
  • The Science of Learning and How It Should Change What You Do on Monday
  • So Smart but He Can’t Find His Shoes

Click HERE for HTHL’s homeschool convention schedule!


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Blessings! We hope you have a wonderful week homeschooling!  If you need help with our writing program, send us a support ticket. If you just want to ask me a question, click ASK BETH.

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