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Who can participate?

All kids in grades K-6 OR ages 5-13

Continental USA Only-No International Entries

Writing topic?

Entries can be fact, fiction, prose, or poetry.  

Writing requirements?

Parents must verify that participant completed all the steps of the writing process. (Click here for FREE printable) Dictated stories are encouraged and accepted!

Writing project word count?

Kindergarten and first grade 50- 200 words.  

Second and third grade 100 -350 words.  

Third and fourth grade 200 -450 words.  

Fifth and sixth grader 500-1000 words.  

All Poetry Submission Requirements: One entry must meet word count for grade level. However, you may submit more than one poem per entry to meet requirement.

Illustration requirements?

All entries must include an ORIGINAL photo (jpeg) of the cover page that includes the title of the story, artwork (hand drawings by the author), the FIRST NAME ONLY of the author. and age of the author.  Students may use Here to Help Learning’s writing project cover templates. NO CLIPART or other COLORING PAGES will be accepted. No photos of student accepted. 

How many entries can a participant submit?

As many as he/she wants as long as all the rules are followed.

That’s right! The more submissions, the better your chances are to win!

Who wins?

The contest begins January 1, 2017 and ends  December 31, 2017. At the end of each month a random drawing will be held and a winner will be announced. The winner from the monthly drawing will be eligible for the end of the year drawing. Winner will be announced January 2018.

How do I know I won?

Winners will be notified via email that is provided with your submission.

Winners will be announced on this website (see below), in HTHL’s Newsletter and on Brock Eastman’s wesbite.

What’s the prize?

Monthly winners will receive:

The grand prize winner will get an ipad mini!

Who can I contact to see when my prize will be delivered?

Monthly prize: Brock Eastman

Yearly prize: Beth Mora


Where do I submit my project?

You can submit your project here.

Failure to follow instructions will result in disqualification without notification.

Write Early* Write Often *Write Well* Anthology

Selected writing contest entries will be chosen to be published in a yearly anthology.

The 2016 Anthology is already published! Click HERE to order!

Here’s the best news! All profits go to Compassion International! So order one for your grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, and friends!

Write Early, Write Often, Write Well Volume 1

What if I have questions about the contest?

Direct all questions to writingcontest@heretohelplearning.com.

Contest sponsored by Here to Help Learning and Crimson Pulse Media


2017 Writing Contest Winners

January 2017: Sarah H. (Fifth-Sixth Grade) Johnstown, Pennsylvania

February 2017: Joshua R. (Third-Fourth Grade) Lutz, Florida

March 2017: Corban A. (Fifth-Sixth Grade) Metamora, Illinois

April 2017: Suhaansie W. (K-First) Freemont, California

May 2017: Amelia S. (3-4 grade) American Fork, Utah

June 2017: Sydney G. (3-4 grade) East Jordan, Michigan

July 2017: Karen j. (3-4 grade) Oak Lawn, Illinois

August 2017: Katherin M. (5-6 grade) Louisville, Kentucky

September 2017: Jeremiah R. (5-6 grade) Arlington, Texas

October 2017: Suri C. (K-1) Newport Beach, California

November 2017: Olivia C. (5-6 grade) St. Louis, Missouri

December 2017: Katie L. (5-6 grade) Cupertino, California

2016 Writing Contest Winners

 2016 GRAND PRIZE iPAD mini winner is….JACKSON from Pekin, Illinois

March 2016: Maggie (5-6th grade) Kansas City, Missouri

April 2016: Mariana (2-3rd grade) Kansas City, Missouri

May 2016: No entries

June 2016: Maisy (Kindergarten- First Grade) Kansas City, Missouri

July 2016: Lola (Kindergarten- First Grade) San Diego, CA
August 2016:

September 2016: Kailey (Fifth-Sixth Grade) Gilbert, Arizona

October 2016: Lola (Kindergarden-First Grade) San Diego, California

November 2016: Jackson (3rd-4th Grade) Pekin, Illinois

December 2016: Haley (3rd-4th Grade) Weaverville, North Carolina[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]