Is it Time for a Web Organization Clean-up?

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The direction of homeschooling is changing. And regardless how we feel about it, we need to look at the trends and ask, how can we serve the next generation? After reading, 10 Trends that are Transforming Homeschooling in the Digital Age I thought about how we, as Christian business owners, could modify our delivery of services. We need to ditch the questions, “Why are sales low or conference attendance down?”. And instead, ask ourselves better questions like, “What new adaptations or adjustments do we need to make in delivering high quality services that will still serve the Christian homeschool family?”. I love this article, How One Salesman’s Wife taught Him How to Find Prospects. According to the author, we just have to move the milk and ask ourselves motivating questions. Great advice! We know homeschooling is growing. Our challenge is to listen to the needs of those we serve and then do it.

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Is it Time for a Web Organization Clean-up?

Can you imagine walking into a dirty store filled with dust-bunny inhabitants and merchandise displayed in a cluttered manner? After eyeing that kind of scene, I would probably smile at the saleslady behind the counter and walk away. These days, our website is our storefront. Most people visit a website before going to the store, before going to a convention, before buying a product, and before attending a co-op.

First impressions matter. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just neat and tidy with a few key elements. Check out this handy checklist to see if your website is ready to welcome your next customer.

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Is it time for a web organization clean-up?

The only additional item that I feel needs to be on the checklist is taking a look at the About Page. Although your Landing Page will be your most frequently visited website page, the About Page will be a close second. At Here to Help Learning we opted for two different styles. The first style is found on our Landing Page, and it’s called the Story Style. We simply tell our story, our beginnings, and answer the question, why we do what we do. Don’t forget, pictures always work. For our Home to Home Blog, we opted for a Playful/Funny Style. Both styles have worked well for us and have helped us connect with our customers.

Thanks for spending a few moments with us. Hopefully, it gave you some food for thought. Drop us a line, if you either want more information on a business topic, or you want to know more about Here to Help Learning’s daily business operations,  just ask. We are an open book. Leave us a note below. 

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