Island of the Blue Dolphins Teacher’s Kit



NEW! Here to Help Learning’s Literature Adventure

Island of the Blue Dolphins Filmed Study Guide

Based on the book Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell

Join Mrs. Mora on an exciting literature adventure as she brings the sights and sounds of Scott O’Dell’s timeless classic, Island of the Blue Dolphins to life. This study guide was filmed on location at the Channel Islands National Park! Teachers and home educators love Here to Help Learning’s style and format because it is engaging and requires little prep time. Includes instruction on theme, literary analysis and techniques, vocabulary, comprehension, and relevant science and history as it relates to the book. 

Study Guide Scheduling: Choose between two study tracks

Five-Week Track: 

Day 1-Watch filmed lesson and do activities (about 1 hour)

Day 2-5 Read 10 pages and complete one worksheet/day

Ten-Week Track: 

Day 1-Watch filmed lesson and do activities (about 1 hour)

Day 2-10 Read 5 pages/day and complete one worksheet every other day.

Recommended Grade: 3-8+

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Teacher’s Kit Includes:

  • One HTHL Teacher’s Guide
  • One Island of the Blue Dolphins’ Student Notebook*
  • One DVD with 5 Lessons

*Order one Student Notebook per student. 

(Required: A copy of Island of the Blue Dolphin by Scott O’Dell- Purchase separately or borrowed from your local library)

“My kids love Here to Help Learning’s Writing Program SO MUCH, so they were very excited to try this. Thankfully, it lived up to their expectations and we really enjoyed it! We flew through the unit in about 3 weeks because we were moving on learning about Children Around the World, but we really didn’t do it justice. This Literature Adventure from Here to Help Learning is fabulous, and I will definitely allot at least 5 weeks the next time we do it. I have never been a big fan of literature units as the girls and I prefer to “just read” and we don’t usually want to slow down and analyze a book, but I highly recommend this literature adventure! It is so well done and added so much to our learning! It’s really great!” Tina Chen


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Literature Adventure Intro

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Literature Adventure Trailer

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