A note from the CENs (Chief Executive Nerds):

In our revamp of the lesson viewer, we have come across an issue that we are working on resolving.  Here is the issue, and a simple fix.

Issue: Internet Explorer and Safari Printing Bugs

Description: Printing is not working correctly in Internet Explorer. Users are reporting a bug in the printing process.  Pages are not printing correctly. It also seems to be printing half the page and even printing multiple halves of pages per sheet.

Fix: While we work to resolve the issue with the lesson viewer developer, here is a simple fix: We recommend using Chrome or Firefox to access the lessons. Both browsers have been reported to view and print lessons consistently.

We recommend Google’s Chrome browser. For many reasons we won’t go into here, but the bottom line is it’s the most consistently stable browser.

Step 1: Download Chrome- Click here to be taken to Google’s Chrome website.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to install Chrome (provided by Google once the download starts).

Step 3: Open heretohelplearning.com/members in Chrome and log in.

That’s it!  We told you it was simple.  If you still have issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’re working hard to resolve these issues for you.

Any updates will be posted on this page.  This page will self destruct when the issue is fully resolved.