We’re sad to see you go! Follow these steps to cancel your Here to Help Learning Membership. May God bless your homeschooling endeavors!

Membership cancellation is done through PayPal. Once cancelled your membership with Here to Help Learning will be automatically canceled. If you wish to resubscribe you can do so anytime with by using any “Sign-Up” button.

Follow the steps below to cancel your subscription with PayPal.

Step 1: Login to PayPal.Step-1

Step 2: In the top right corner go to “gear” icon (account settings) in PayPal.Step-2

Step 3: Choose “Preapproved Payments” in the lower right under Payment Settings.preapproved_payments

Step 4: Under “Merchant” choose “Here to Help Learning”Step-5

Step 5: Now in Subscription Details choose “Cancel” in the top left of the window.Step-6

Step 6: Confirm the cancellationStep-7

Step 7: Verify the profile has been canceledStep-8

Got it! Take me to PayPal