Well-Rounded Gal: Christ Follower

Thanks for coming back! I’m glad you are joining the journey with me.

Last post, we met Proverb Gal, our well-rounded gal and identified seven  areas that this well-rounded gal had going on!

This post, we are checking out one of those areas that she was rocking the ol’ growth-o-meter and it just happens to be reason she was so successful as a plan-and-do kind of gal.

Well Rounded Gal 1.002

After the lengthy list of verbs and praise, her hidden drive is made known in Proverbs 31:30

“But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.” 

Well Rounded Gal 2.002

Bottom line, she was tight with her God. Her tasks overflowed with love and devotion to her Lord and King.

I often wonder. How did her relationship with God show through her tasks?

Did she whistle praise and worship songs while she worked?

Did she stop and pray during her tasks?

Did she quote scripture all day long?

We know she smiled, especially at the future. No anxiety noted there. Or maybe she did have the same strong emotions as us regular gals. We woman-type humans usually do.

The Hebrew word for “fear” can give us some insight. Yare (verb) means I fear, I respect, I have reverence for” It’s meaning is positive and certifies that God is good and He is for me! He is worthy of my highest respect. So much so, I would be in a heap in the corner if I disappointed Him.

That’s what fearing the Lord means.

No wonder Proverb Gal moved with confidence,

and her confidence in the Lord glowed big time.

Why does rise early? She wants to please her Creator.

Why does she make clothes and works with her hands? She is all about serving her audience of One.

I don’t know her past. Maybe it was shady. Maybe she was a good-girl gone bad and now she is head over heals with a God-ordained second chance. Maybe she was a good girl modeling her mother’s, grandmother’s, or sister’s relationship with God. Maybe she tired of her Pinterest perfect mask and found her value in Christ alone.

All I know is this dame has something special for God. She is wrapped up in Him. In fact, dear King Lemuel, after listing all that she does didn’t discover why she accomplished so much until the second to the last verse or maybe he knew and wanted to leave us with a zinger to ponder.

This lassie from Israel fears God.

It fuels her every task and keeps her growing with God.

This kind of growth girlfriends can’t be forced. I know, I’ve tried.

I’m a list checker. You can find me happily checking things off throughout my day. But I warn you don’t come around if it’s 3:00 pm and my special checker-off pen hasn’t been used all day. You’ll see dark rain clouds over my head and maybe a lightening bolt or two.

So my natural bent on “how to have a relationship with God” equaled a list.

  • 30 minutes in Bible Study
  • 10-15 minutes in prayer ant the beginning of the day
  • Good deeds all day long


Check. aaaaaand,


Well in my own appraisal.

I have a tendency to give gold stars to myself when my list is checked off. #HiThisisRawBeth


I cry in my cornflakes because I didn’t measure up.

Don’t judge me too harshly. How many of us have read what we are “suppose to do” to be a faithful Christian and then mushed into a pile of guilt- ridden cells with our DNA shouting, “I told you I wasn’t good enough!”

You too?

Now, I’m sure Proverb Gal had lists and goals. But she had something deeper. She feared and followed God, not wanting to disappoint the Lover of Her Soul, the One Who Forgives, and the One Who Comforts.

What does that look like during my average ordinary day when dirty dinner dishes are piled in the sink and the load of laundry needs to be rewashed because it sat too long in the dryer?

I’m not sure.

I know it involves hanging on to every word written in His Word and looking at my Savior with love-struck devotion.

I know it involves bringing my strong emotions and pain when confusion gets the better of me.

I know it involves a very, very, very, long gratitude list.

I know it involves letting ol’ Beth die so something new can grow.

I know it involves fear of the Lord, an overwhelming respect that sees each daily task as an opportunity to serve Him and a drive that doesn’t want to sadden my God.

<Oh, I just sensed something move…. a shift. I think it was my heart.>

Ladies, we have some “selahing” to do. (Selah: Calmly pause, ponder, and pray)

How will your relationship with Jesus unfold in your daily life?

It will look different than mine. He loves each heart individually. We serve a mighty BIG God!

And that girlfriend is something to celebrate!

It’s time to plan and Do….

PRINT: Well Rounded Gal Printables 1-2

I’m praying for you! Will you pray for me as we share this journey together?

From Our Home to Yours,



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“Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.” Colossians 3:17

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