Talk Before You Write

Moans, groans, and nasty tones, no it’s not Halloween. You just announced to your kids, “It’s time for writing.” You may have all the steps of the writing process neatly organized, but often home educators skip or skim through an important teaching strategy when teaching writing. They avoid the talk. No, not “the talk.” I […]

On the Road with HTHL: Cousins and Comfort Food

May 2, 2016-May 15, 2016 Indianapolis, Indiana Long Island, New York Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Range of miles: 11,724–13,654 Week #11 and#12/23weeks Monday: After that spectacular lightning show and pouring rain, everything was a little damp at our camp site. But the gloomy day was not going to shade our sunshine filled hearts. We quickly packed because we were […]

Six Ways You Can Help Your Child Heal Through Writing

Why teach a child to write? There are many good reasons: •Facilitate Communication •Engage in Artistic Expression •Aid in Learning •Prepare for Future Employment However, one reason that often gets overlooked is writing can help children heal. Experiences of loss and tragedy greatly affect children. Death of a loved one Death of a pet House […]