On the Road with HTHL: The Grand Finale

July 11, 2016-July 24, 2016  Pasadena, California to Phoenix, Arizona to Placerville, CA Range of miles: 21,835-23,915 Week #21-22/23weeks Monday In the afternoon, we paid a visit to Marty and Carolyn Forte of Excellence in Education in Monrovia, California. What was supposed to be a few hours of visiting turned into a wonderful six-hour fellowship and ended at a […]

On the Road with HTHL: Sunshine and Sonshine in the South

May 23, 2016-May 29, 2016 Lansing, Michigan-West Palm Beach, Florida Range of miles: 15,379-16,217 Week #14/23weeks Monday: The sunshine and “Son”shine was bright at the Knoxville, Tennessee Petro Truck Stop, where we spent the night. Sun rays glistened on the Tennessee mountains and “Son” shine was burning bright through Truckstop Ministry Inc. Pastor Steve (pictured below) was ready […]

On the Road with HTHL: Our Visit with Four Homeschool Boys

April 11-April 17, 2016  Wichita, Kansas To Peoria, Illinois  Range of miles: 8,199-9,982 Week #8/23weeks Monday: SO! EXCITED! We finally got the chance to go to Bassett, Nebraska! Why so excited? Bassett, Nebraska is the home of two of my favorite fictional characters that I created for HTHL’s filmed literature guides, Harley and Harley’s Wife. This […]

On the Road with HTHL: Big Things in Small Towns

April 4-April 10, 2016  Cincinnati, Ohio to Wichita, Kansas Range of miles: 7,255-8,199 Week #7/23weeks Monday: Pedal to the metal! We left Cincinnati, and made our way back to Kansas for the TPA Homeschool Convention. We waved hello and goodbye to the St. Louis Arch for the third time this trip. In the afternoon, we […]

On the Road with HTHL: Celebrating Easter with Good Friends

March 21-March 27, 2016  Fort Worth Texas to Clever, Missouri:  Range of miles: 4,575 -6,465 Week # 5/23 weeks Monday: We stayed an extra day in Fort Worth taking care of HTHL business and schoolwork. For lunch, we had the iconic burger of the wild west, What-a-Burger (Yum!) In my biased opinion, a very close second […]

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!

February 29-March 6, 2016 Miles to Date: 1,798 One mom plus a visit with her adult children equals one happy mama! We have a week between conventions and our two boys work at Copper Mountain Ski Resort just outside of Denver, Colorado. It’s a perfect time to visit. So I donned my Copper Mountain sweatshirt […]

Write Early! Write Often! Write Well!

I love this true story. I’m not sure who’s the author; I heard it a long time ago before the internet. It goes like this…. On the first day of a college art class, the art teacher outlined the objectives of the class and her grading scale. The student’s semester assignment was simple, turn in […]

10 Reasons to Write a Dear Santa Letter Every Year

I’ll admit. It seems like an odd family tradition. I mean with all the Christmas commercialism, why would you encourage your kids to write a letter listing what THEY want for Christmas. I beg you. Please don’t click away. Hear me out. By the end of my post, you may even end up taking up […]

15 Must-Have Features for Your Special Needs Writing Program

Special Needs denotes that the needs are unique, and no cookie cutter approach to learning will work. Knowledge must simply pass through different delivery methods. However, when it comes to teaching special needs children to write, experts do agree that writing instruction should include these exemplary features: 15 Must-Have Features for Your Special Needs Writing […]