Our Devotion in Motion

Despite all the ups and downs, heartache and trials, my life can be stated simply. I want my devotion to God to be in motion. I desire to preach with actions and not just words. As a mom, I want to be a living textbook that answers the question,”How do you live a God-honoring life?” I don’t want to be afraid of the raised bar. I love that it so high that I can’t attain the goal on my own. I will need the power of the Holy Spirit to live it out. I know that I am not alone in this passion. I want my devotion to be in motion.

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From time to time, especially when I am feeling low, I revisit my personal mission statement. This past weekend was one of those moments. I re-read the opening sentence in my journal; “Lord, I surrender my life to you, and will worship you with all my heart, body and soul.” It lifted  my focus to the one my heart loves, and my sunken emotions dissipated in the light of His purpose for me.

As a new school season begins, I want to explore what a deeper devotion to my Savior. I want to hear from you and be encouraged myself.

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Many years ago in a dark moment, a moment where I desperately asked my friend, “Where is God? Why can’t I hear him?” She took my Bible and a pen. She opened it to Genesis 1:1. She wrote, “Dear Beth” above the text. Then she went to the very end of my Bible in the book of Revelation. The last line reads, “The grace of The Lord be with all. Amen.” She wrote-“Love, God”. She handed my Bible back to me and said with a confident smile, “He is never silent; he has written you a very long love letter for you to read over and over.”

GOD’S word, His love letter , is food for my soul

that I may try to live without but I can’t thrive without!

Last year, my dear daughter was reading The Hiding Place. It’s about the life of Corrie Ten Boom (Holocaust Survivor) and her family. I decided to adopt the Ten Boom’s style of Bible Reading. I  read one chapter in the Old Testament (I am just finishing the Book of Judges) and one chapter in the New Testament ( I am in Luke Chapter 15.) I will post my “ takeaways”, and I encourage you to do the same. Please don’t feel you have to follow my reading plan. However, If you don’t have one, check out Here to Help Learning’s Pinterest board for Bible Reading Plans and Bible Study Help websites. http://www.pinterest.com/HTHLearning/bible-study-helps/

I invite you to stop in at Home to Home  and share your journey and devotion for our wonderful Creator, the one who relentlessly pursues our hearts with His own devotion to us.

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POST IT! What Bible reading plan do you use? If you have a Bible Study Helps website to share, please post it!

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