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Tea cupsI have been so blessed to meet so many home school families. There are some who are just starting out on their home school journey. In fact, the news around town is that home schooling is growing seven times faster than public education. If you are new to home schooling, welcome to a vibrant and passionate community. There are some that are entering their second or fifth or even 24th year. Your steadfastness to continue home education inspires me in my own journey.

There are many reasons why people choose home education.

These are the top six;

  1. They want to provide Biblical training and character development.
  2. They feel the public school environment is a poor learning environment that includes bullying and exposure to many social problems.
  3. They are dissatisfied with the academics provided in the public schools.
  4. They feel that the family rather than an overcrowded classroom provides a better model to a developing child.
  5. They feel non-traditional approaches to learning serve their children better than a textbook/standardize test approach.
  6. Their child has special needs that can be addressed more effectively at home than in an institutionalized setting.

Over the last 20 years of my home school journey, I have sited these reasons to many a person who questions me. It makes me giggle and shake my head on how many times I have had to defend our family’s decision to home school.

 “You know you are a home school family if you have had to explain your educational philosophy to a perfect stranger.”

 However recently, I have renovated my reasons for home educating our children to one simple reason…..I want change. I desire change. Change in myself, change in my children and change in our family.

Home Education is all about change.

The home educational journey (as well as other life experiences) has all the components to facilitate change in you and your family, year after year into the image of Christ as we yield to God’s leading. Those top six reasons I have listed above were only the catalyst to move us as a home school family from a “sit on the side lines” kind of learner to become active learners in the ultimate goal that God has laid out for mankind, that we become transformed into His image.

 But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.

2 Corinthians 3:18

I want that kind of change in my own life. I want to lead that kind of change in my family’s life.

I want to encourage that kind of change in my fellow sojourners on the home educational journey.

 Many of us are already in the planning stages for home schooling next year. I know I am. However, as we evaluate curriculum and reflect on the past year, be encouraged that the author and finisher of our faith, Jesus Christ is faithful to complete in you that which He began.

I love what my friend just shared with me, “Beth, I just want to hear from God.” What a simply beautiful place to be.

As you rest this summer, I invite you to our new blog series/Bible study called, “Organizationally Yours”.

It is about the home school journey. It is about ordering our life in such a way that our arms are stretched out welcoming the changes He desires to bring into our lives.And by His grace, we will become living examples to our children, enabling us to lead them into the same glorious transformation.

Invite a friend to this blog. Perhaps gather some friends at your home or local coffee shop. Share your thoughts. Sip coffee or iced tea with the thousands of home school moms who like you desire to hear from God this summer. Relax and be refreshed in His presence as we search the scriptures together.

 It is time to refuel friends!

What are your thoughts?

  1. People view change in different ways. How do you view change?
  2. Please consider these next questions not in a self-defeating way or prideful way but realizing the answer will lead you to thank God for the changes He has brought to your life. There have been some years that are filled with personal trials or tough roadblocks to learning that have hung over me like a dark cloud and it took a conscience choice to reflect on the grace that God had provided my family. I invite you to celebrate that truth.
  3. Reflecting over the past year, how have you changed from “glory to glory” to become more like Christ? Reflecting over the past year, how have your children changed from “glory to glory” to become more like Christ?

4. In the Old Testament, God would command His people at different times to erect memorial stones. They would also give the memorial stones a name that would indicate what God had done for them. If your family was to build a “memorial stone” of the last year, what would you name it.

5.DATE NIGHT QUESTIONS: Make a special date with your husband and have a conversation about the positive changes that God has accomplished in your family.


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