On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!

February 29-March 6, 2016

Miles to Date: 1,798

One mom plus a visit with her adult children equals one happy mama! We have a week between conventions and our two boys work at Copper Mountain Ski Resort just outside of Denver, Colorado. It’s a perfect time to visit. So I donned my Copper Mountain sweatshirt I got for Christmas, and Forrest cranked the HTHL engine. We headed south towards Denver.

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!

Who knew we would find a wildlife museum at a South Dakota gas station! Call of the Wild was one of the most amazing displays I have ever seen! The owners allowed us to film, so you can check out what I mean on our YouTube channel.

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!
A museum at a gas station!

We rolled into the Copper Mountain area after a white-knuckle drive battling the elements which included slushy snow, frozen windshield wipers, and semi trucks who apparently thought Highway 70 was the Indianapolis Raceway! It such a joy to see our handsome boys. OH! The first welcoming hugs are pure gold! We shared lots laughs and spent the evening catching up on life.

The following morning, the sight of the majestic Rocky Mountains took our breath away! Snowy mountain peaks surrounded the Copper Mountain Resort and beckoned all skiers to flock to the ski lifts!

However, Forrest and I had a pile of HTHL work to do! So BusyGirl and her brothers went skiing joined by both our son’s girlfriends. Because our boys work at Copper Mountain, we enjoyed multiple employee discounts and family privileges that afforded us a very inexpensive break.

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!
Ski rentals and lift tickets: $20.00/day- Skiing with your brothers: Priceless

Life on the road presents a challenge to common chores. Take a chore such as laundry. We save our quarters and always carry laundry soap with us because you never know when you’re going to find a clean laundromat. In the employee housing where were staying, they had a nice set of washers and dryers. It’s the little things when you are far from home that matter!

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!
We have always affectionally called our laundry pile, Mount Mora!

After two days of work, it was time for Forrest and me to take a break! Our son took us to Breckenridge to walk through this quaint little town. We enjoyed a gondola ride to the base of the mountain and soaked in the scenery. Back in town, Busygirl even got a proposal from an ol’ miner. You will need to watch Forrest’s response on our YouTube vlog. 

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!
Walking in the town of Breckenridge.
On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!
Forrest enjoying the views!

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!

On our last night, we were treated to a very special dinner by both our sons and our son’s girlfriend.  Our one son is a chef at one of the high-end restaurants at Copper Mountain. The kind of restaurant that has $$$ and four stars listed next to its name on the trip advisor app. The restaurant’s interior was beautified with polished wood and was softly lit with flickering candles. Soothing music lingered in the background as we conversed while sweet savory smells kept us in anticipation of the next course. We feasted on appetizers, entrees, and desserts. It was amazing! But what was even more amazing to me was my boy cooked all of it! And not just our meal, but the 100 guests that also were frequenting the restaurant that evening. As parents, we couldn’t be prouder of our son.

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!

We closed the night by ice-skating on a frozen pond in the center of Copper Mountain’s village. Truly magical. 

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!

Goodbyes are hard. Especially when you are not sure of the date of your next visit. And we hugged each other a few more times before we finally parted. I think about how fast our family’s homeschooling time flew. Back in the day, I had veteran homeschool moms tell me to savor the moments. I honestly tried. I mean, I really tried. But alas, the moments slipped away. However, I’m so glad those younger years transform into moments with our adult children that are equally precious.

Friday, we drove to Denver, Colorado. We faced unusually warm weather again. There was very little snow lining the banks of the highway.

For four days, the HTHL van had sat dormant bravely facing the snow and ice at Copper and was in need of a good scrubbing. While Forrest sudsed up the van, BusyGirl caught up on school, and I continued to manage HTHL’s office remotely from our hotel.

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!

Saturday, we could not resist! We were sooooooo close to Focus on the Family’s campus and more specifically, Whit’s End Soda Shop, home of the famous “wofamchosd” or for those of you who are not acquainted with Adventures in Odyssey (AIO), the “World Famous Chocolate Soda”. Our team unanimously agreed a “wofamchosd” would make a perfect lunch! BusyGirl is a member and fan of Odyssey Adventure Club. She brazenly admits that she has listened to all thirty years of broadcasting. This Monday, she gets to meet Nathan Hoobler (Producer of AIO) and Brock Eastman (Focus of the Family author). Both writers are featured authors in HTHL’s Write a Book project, and both have agreed to do a promo film with us. I just hope BusyGirl isn’t one of those kinds of fans who faints!

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!
Yes, we slurped the final sips of our “wofamchosd”!

Sunday, we worshiped with our dear friends, the Bradbury family. We attended their home church in Denver named, All Saints Ministry. Forrest has known this wonderful couple since his college days when he was married to his first wife before she passed away. They have one set of twins and one set of triplets which makes for a rich homeschool experience. There is something about homeschool families. We just seem to “get” each other. We laughed about our kids’ antics and challenges, encouraged each other with a listening ear, and praised the One who keeps us sane through this adventure called homeschooling! We enjoyed two delicious home cooked meals with them in their lovely home. mmmm…home cooking. What a treat! We are already tired of food on the road.

On the Road With HTHL: Happy Mama!
Loved spending time with good friends!

Thanks for traveling with us! It’s a pleasure to be sharing the journey with you!

Next week, we are headed for South Carolina!

From Our Home (On the Road) to Yours,

Mrs. Mora


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