Meet Homeschool Mom X

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Meet Homeschool Mom X

Have you Met Homeschool Mom X?
Her favorite colors are pink and purple.
She will only wear blue and earth tones.
She wears a kids camp t-shirt with jeans and sneakers.
Her hair is tied back in a brushed ponytail.
She wears a denim jumper dress and low white sneakers.
She wears a hiking skirt with low cut hiking shoes and a brimmed hat.
She is dressed to the height of fashion.
Her hair is french braided…everyday.
Mud-mucking boots await by her door.
She loves tea.
She loves coffee.
She enjoys cold sweet tea or lemonade.
She only eats gluten free natural foods.
She doesn’t hesitate to eat fast food for lunch.
She loves all things chocolate.
She likes to keep things tidy around the house.
She is an expert at “throwing things” together for a meal.
Her meals are planned a week in advance.
Very late in the afternoon is when “what’s for dinner” is announced.
Organized chaos swirls from room to room.
She follows the recipe.
Her home is peaceful.
She does not feel the need for a budget.
She’s frugal.
She is a wife.
She is a widow.
She is single.
She is a sister and a friend.
She is a sister in Christ.
She is her husband’s cheerleader and teammate.
She works inside the home.
She works outside the home.
She is a missionary.
She is a pastor’s wife.
She is an entrepreneur.
She cares for a disabled husband.
She is disabled.
She is battling cancer.
She cares for a daughter with special needs.
She loves crafts..all kinds of crafts.
She swims.
She sews.
She knits and crochets.
She blogs.
She reads.
She studies.
She rides horses.
She draws and paints.
She leads worship.
She gardens.
She plays board games.
She entertains guests.
She is devoted to her family.
She adores her large family.
She delights in her only child
She has twins-two sets.
She has quadruplets.
Three nationalities grace her family portrait over the fireplace.
Her home is filled with pink tea parties.
Her home is brimming with forts and lego weapons.
Adoption has blessed her family.
She holds the history of her family…..burnished in her soul with emotions.
She wants so much better for her kids than what she had.
She believes in her kid’s strength.
She wishes she could take all her child’s hurts.
She wonders if her child’s weaknesses will cause him harm.
She values her child’s childhood.
She welcomes her children to ask hard questions of faith.
Heaven help the one who tries to her hurt her child.
Her children are unschooled.
She follows Charlotte Mason’s gentle art of learning.
The classical approach suits her family well.
Unit Study projects fill every corner of the house.
She immerses herself willingly into glitter, glue, and hands on projects.
She will not stop until she finds a way to reach her learning disabled child.
She works….hard….really hard.
She can read her child’s emotions.
She tells stories.
She reads stories.
She nurtures the callings of God in her child.
She instills a love of learning.
She lovingly paces with her child, no matter how slow or fast.
She teaches at doctor’s offices, post offices, supermarkets, and at Grandma’s.
She bends to her child’s learning needs.
Science projects decorate her windowsill.
She is the eyes for her blind wayward child.
She is the shield for all of her children.
She desires to right the wrongs of the world.
She challenges the status quo.
She is new.
She is seasoned.
She looks to encourage.
She is an advocate.
She is passionate.
She takes the road less traveled.
She laughs at herself.
Her specialty is living life.
She is lonely.
She is overwhelmed.
She doesn’t want to be taken advantage of.
She battles mixed signals….be strong…be weak.
She is allergic to all kinds of social labels.
She loves deeply.
She wants her voice to count.
She’s loyal…fiercely loyal.
She is her hardest critic.
Her raw passion can come off rude.
Her gentleness comes from her strength.
She prays out of her deepest worries.
She prays out of the depths of her aloneness.

She prays with desperation.
She prays with hope.
She is conscious that she is prone to error.
She seeks and needs validation often.
She carries her calling to serve with lifted head and raised shoulders.
She asks questions in search of answers.
Her hope in God is her foundation.
Her tears communicate her passion for change, for healing, for new beginnings.
Again and again, she forgets her worth.
She stands in the gap for those who have no voice.
She feels vulnerable.
Her tendency for control…leads her to God.
Her inclination for apathy…leads her God.
Her wounds, past and present…. lead her to God.
Her bended knee is her constant destination.
Don’t mistake her compassion for weakness; it is her strength.
She is a child of God. She is beautiful.
Have you met Homeschool Mom X?

I have. And I think she is pretty wonderful! 

From our House to Yours,

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