Let’s Talk…. About Marriage

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On your mark, get set…..educate! 

Mom and kids alike are warming up to the idea of hopping back on the familiar educational train and are ready to chug along one more year. After a long summer, the school year routine is usually welcomed.

It’s time for new school supplies.

It’s time for new schedules.

It’s time for either new or the ritualistic passing of hand-me-down clothes to the next child. New grades, new goals, new activities…new…new…new! To ensure our child’s academic success, we invest in a variety of  areas.  

Well, how about our marriage? Second to our relationship with God, our marriage needs to be  next on the priority list. What new things will you add to your marriage to ensure success? How about a Back to Marriage list? (Click to Tweet)

How about a “Back to Marriage” List?

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New appreciation-Instead of new school supplies, how about a gift for his desk at work, or maybe a picture of you. How about a thank you note thanking him for all that he does. (Make the list long!)

New schedule-As the kid calendar is filling up, make sure he knows he gets top billing in the schedule. Show him the new schedule….”See this block of time? It is set aside for you and me.”

New clothes- Yup, it is time to trade in the old torn, baby puked, coffee stained shirts and buy something that appeals to your man. Do we dare ask our man for his opinion on the matter? I was pleasantly surprised by my man’s choices.

New “grade”- Each year in marriage, we are promoted to the next grade. This year, my husband and I were promoted to the 17th year of marriage. Celebrate as a family and as a couple. Never miss an anniversary! Start planning! A get away weekend is a must!

New goals-Look to yourself first. Ask yourself, what area can I grow in that would help my marriage? Maybe it’s listening, communicating more clearly, or handling anger more effectively. Have an open “defence-down” chat about it. 

New curriculum-Check out Here to Help Learning’s Pinterest board on Marriage Resources for new ways to help your marriage grow.

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New activities-What new activities can you add to make your time together more enjoyable? Maybe it’s time to renew a shared activity that has slid to the back burner of life. And don’t forget his favorite “night time activity.” Look at your daily schedule….. if your daily schedule makes you tired then something has got to go, and it’s not your time with your husband.

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Back to School is an exciting time! Make sure it’s an exciting time for your marriage too!bethBeth-Mora-Signature

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What would you add to the Back to Marriage list?


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