Keep Your Wheel Turning with Goal Setting

Goal setting can make the difference between living and just going through the motions of life.

Wheel of Life.004I love life on my bicycle. When the wheels of my bike gain momentum on the asphalt, the weight of the world seems to lift off my shoulders. Those wheels are my ticket to a great ride.

My personal goals are just like my bicycle wheel! Each goal gives me a sweet ride in life.

Credit goes to Mr. Zig Ziglar, for the metaphor,”The Wheel of Life”. I took the liberty to expand on his idea. Each spoke holds equal importance and describes a life balanced with intentionally placed goals in core areas of life.

Wheel of Life.003
Use the “Wheel of Life” to help you set goals.

To appreciate the value of spokes on a wheel, I needed an education about these thin metal wonders. I learned from my source (my dear husband) that the strength and balanced placement of each spoke on a bicycle wheel is critical to its function. I also have learned it is the same with the individual goals that make up the spokes of my life. Each spoke reflects the priorities that honor God’s design. I am a spirit, soul, and body and must be “used for its intended purpose”. I have learned that I can skim in an area for a short time, but if I continue to cheat an area, I am prone to depression and my relationships suffer.

 I learned that the only way a bicycle wheel stays true (or in position) is when the spokes connect from the center hub of the tire to the outer rim. My spokes need to be first, fixed to the center, the Author and Finisher of my faith, Jesus, and must remain within the boundary of the outer rim of His commandments and precepts. The limitation of the outer rim also reminds me I will have to say, ”no” to many things, mostly “good” things to make sure my wheel stay true. A wheel doesn’t turn well with detached spokes, uneven spokes, or mangled rims.

Wheel of Life.002

My husband also told me that each spoke needs to be adjusted independently to achieve the highest performance and yet a single spoke can not do its job independently of the others. The spokes of my life need to be flexible, and I need to be open to changes in easing and tightening the tension. I also cannot focus on one area of life at the expense of another.

 And most importantly, spokes need to be adjusted by a craftsman. My husband recounted a time when he tried to adjust the spokes on a bike, only to turn it over to an expert who was trained in the art of fine tuning each spoke. Wisdom is gained by seeking God and His word in all areas.

 All my goals are centered on my greatest desire, to know Christ and serve Him more fully. And as result of this golden goal, every January, I spend time with the Master of my wheel in order to fine tune my spokes. I place the title of my spoke on a blank page of my journal, and I wait in prayer. Each year, I smile when I stare at my blank pages. My heart grows in excitement and anticipation because I know my faithful God always fills the pages with new areas of growth. It doesn’t happen all at once, in fact it may take a month or two. Sometimes, last years unmet goals are placed back on my new pages. But somehow Jesus makes all things new, even old goals. Time is spent talking to God about the tension between what I want to do and what I actually do. Sometimes, I explore my motives behind each goal.  Someone will get the glory for goals achieved. Will it be me? Or God? I also have learned that some spokes or areas of life are easier for me to grow in than others. However, each “spoke” gets its own page, and when it remains blank, my avoidance is discovered. Other the years, many of my goals have become well-formed habits. Looking at my written goals each day translate into repeated daily choices that transform my discipline into beautiful moments when the wheels turn faster and faster, and the wind of momentum awakens me to the possibility of reaching the goal.

 Goal writing is a trained habit that goes back to my R.N. days as a case manager. The recipe for a written goal is a pretty simple. It only has three ingredients. The goal must be attainable and measurable. The goal must be completed within a determined time frame. The goal must be reevaluated and adjusted. All the time and effort in goal writing is worth it .

The goal must be…
The goal must be…

Check out this post on five good reasons to write down your goals in each area of life.

For me, writing down my goals keep my wheel turning. When I push on my bicycle pedals to turn the wheels, and they turn smoothly. It. is. sweet.

I am the result of daily decisions yielded to God’s transforming plan for me.

And a written set goals help me stay the course.

Keep the wheel turning!
Keep the wheel turning!

Here is how I define the spokes of my life:

 Spiritual: Grow in my relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus.

 Physical/Health: Grow in healthy exercise and eating habits.

 Intellectual: Grow in my own learning.

 Marriage: Grow in my relationship with my husband.

 Family: Grow in my relationships with my children and their spouses, and extended family members.

 Financial: Grow in responsible stewardship of all that God gives me.

 Career: Grow in my home management/Grow as a home educator/ Grow as a business leader.

 Social: Grow in my friendships.

 Recreation/Hobbies: Grow in my playtime and my creativity

 As I ring in the new year, I begin my journey to strengthen and fine tune each spoke. Want to join me? Let’s immerse ourselves in God’s word and let Jesus create the goals in our lives. I’ll be praying for you. Please pray for me. Let’s get the wheel rolling!


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