HTHL Tour: Last Week in Our Home Town

February 20, 2016

HTHL Tour Begins! We’ll be on the road for five months. Saying goodbye is never easy. We spent the week saying goodbye to dear friends and family. We cherish the prayers and encouragement we have received from each one. Emotionally, I’m spent in a good way. We are so blessed to have such great friends.

On my birthday (note the pink cowboy hat and pink birthday princess banner I am wearing. Both were given to me by my dear friends who have a knack for making everyone, including me, feel special.), our church celebrated ten years of marriage ministry with a Valentine’s Day Dance. Picture below are the core faithful leaders that have served over those years. However, there are so many couples (not pictured) who have served and are still serving. It was a celebration of God’s faithfulness in creating story after story of marital redemption. Every church should have a marriage ministry.

Marriage Ministry
Celebrating 10 Years of Marriage Ministry

A little too close….

Our new release, Island of the Blue Dolphins Study Guide arrived 36 hours before we cranked the engines on the HTHL van! Thank you Lord! Our good friends made processing and packing the books a delightful evening. They brought their willing hands, decaf coffee, ice cream, and some good laughs. It doesn’t get any better!

Many hands make light work and some good fellowship!

The night before we left, we took one last stroll down main street, ate at a local eatery called Bricks, and had coffee at Starbucks with our adult children. We said our goodbyes and exchanged longer than usual hugs. I miss them already.

Our beautiful small town and iconic Bell Tower

The night before we left, BusyGirl came home late from a youth conference. She was bubbling with excitement about what she had learned and promised she would share her notes with us when we hit the road. I love BusyGirl’s love for the Lord!

My City Youth Conference, Sacramento

Sleep came easy. God’s adventure for us is in His hands.

Catch our vlog on YouTube: On the Road with HTHL Episode ONE (Click: HERE)

From our Home to Yours,

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