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Our key scripture for this month is….

Commit your works to the LORD
And your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3

Our hearts are full! God has been so faithful leading us to the plans that He has for Here to Help Learning. We are excited to see Here to Help Learning developing to something better than imagined. We are so grateful for the talented team God has put together!

Meet The Team
Scripture says the joy of the Lord is our strength. And I can confidently say that God has provided a very joy-filled team that has become the strength of Here to Help Learning!

Our CEN’s (Chief Executive Nerds) JC Todd (AKA: Captain America) and Josh Tarzia ( AKA: Iron Man), bring their creativity daily in graphic design, filming, sound mixing, WEB design and input in business/marketing development. Their hobbies include collecting IT gadgets and the latest and greatest nerdy apps for all electronic devices! We are grateful for ALL their talents!

shiptothemoonStephany Reyes (Photoshop Designer)
Stephany is putting our fun, action-packed writing warm-up pics together. Her creativity is going to make writing fun for all students. The pics include gummy bears parachuting to raining pizza in Paris. These pics will loosen up the most reluctant writer! Thank you Stephany!

Rob WelchRob Welch ( Music Production ), home school dad, worship director, and the newest member of the Here to Help Learning team, will be adding his talents of voice, musical arrangements, and musical production to our lessons. How can a lesson about sailing around the Horn of South America be taught without singing at least one sea shanty? The Ballad of John Henry, La Golondrina from Song of the Swallows, and Drill Ye Tarriers Drill are just a few of the songs that will bring the lessons to life. He is a history buff and loves sharing the back story to the songs. You will enjoy his talents. Thank you Rob!

006Serena, our daughter is furiously editing the first 224 out of 672 lessons. She is dedicated to this tedious work and is making each lesson clean and crisp! She is also the line graphic designer and the personal creator of “Mack, the Duck” a little character that she has incorporated into most of her drawings. She is doing all of this all while completing her bachelors in math and science in just one year through College Plus I am amazed at all your talents! Thank you Serena!

IMG_6774 (415x800)Tiffany, our daughter is busy training “Knucklehead, the home schooled Basset Hound” and taking care of him on filming adventures. Not an easy feat when Basset Hounds as a breed are known for “their strong resistance to be governed”. Follow Knucklehead on his Facebook page for his thoughts on home schooling and pics of his filming adventures! Knucklehead, the home schooled Basset Hound. You rock Tiffany! Thank you!

4220571335_e8be45ed49_oForrest, calling himself CFH., or Chief Financial Husband is brilliantly coordinating conventions, keeping every team member well supplied for “whatever it takes” to complete the project, editing, cooking dinner, and keeping everyone on the team laughing. As my husband, he is a rock that I lean on when I am tired, a friend when I am discouraged, a source of wisdom for business decisions, and a leader who holds the high calling of the purpose we feel God has led us to in Here to Help Learning. There is not a better partner in life that I could imagine. Thank you for asking me to marry you!
IMG_0090Beth Mora, AKA: Mrs. Mora is being stretched as a teacher on film. I have learned how to put on “filming eye make-up” (After 50 years, I still don’t know how to put on eye make-up), sewing costumes (“Got it, I need a 50’s stewardess costume for me and an airline captain outfit for the Basset Hound by tomorrow”), learning IT lingo (“So what your saying is…. I need a “patch” for that program in order for it to work on my computer.”), learning filming lingo (“We have to work on the “B” shots?”), writing scripts, and in between compiling lessons from my 15 years of files. Who says an adventure following God is dull? Truth be told….I frequently pause in my work and praise God with tears coming down my cheeks. (I am so glad my desk faces the opposite wall). I am so grateful for the journey.
What’s Up and Coming?

L-Writing Frame-01Here to Help Writing Series  After listening to many home school families express the need for an effective writing series that is fun and easy to implement, we have put the writing series at the top of our “To Do” list. Lord willing, we will release both writing series for grades 1-3 and 4-6 with the filmed lessons. This is no easy task, 1 down, only 191 more lessons to be filmed..…! Please keep us in prayer when God brings Here to Help Learning to mind.

Follow Here to Help Learning to Home School Conferences

003Here to Help Learning has received the privilege of being a vendor at three homeschooling conferences this year. If you are attending any of these conferences, please come by our booth and say hello. We are excited to meet new home school families!

June 6-8 Christian Home Educators Convention

 June 14-15 Washington Home school Organization Convention

June 21 and 23 Oregon Christian Home Education Association Conference

July 26-27 Valley Home Educators Conference

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coffee cup imageHome to Home Blo Please join us on our weekly Home to Home blog. Next week, we will start a new series called “Ewe and Me”, a hilarious look at life with sheep on our farm. Take a break and enjoy these encouraging true tales.

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