Organizational Yours-What’s in Your Notebook?

On the first day of our co-op classes, I would pass out new notebooks to the students. The students who had previously participated in my classes knew what was coming. However, the new students couldn’t understand why I lowered the tone of my voice. “I have something very special for you. I am so excited […]

Organizational Yours-Refuel for Change

I have been so blessed to meet so many home school families. There are some who are just starting out on their home school journey. In fact, the news around town is that home schooling is growing seven times faster than public education. If you are new to home schooling, welcome to a vibrant and […]

Wonderfully Small

Wonderfully Small By Elizabeth Hope Mora I am wonderfully small in your presence Lord. Tears break away silently flowing down Gazing to where my heart is stored Restored my bridal gown I am wonderfully small in your presence Lord. Glimpses of who you are, awaken my soul. Undiscovered and unexplored Knowing you, my one goal […]

Here to Help Learning News Post-April

Our key scripture for this month is…. Commit your works to the LORD And your plans will be established. Proverbs 16:3 Our hearts are full! God has been so faithful leading us to the plans that He has for Here to Help Learning. We are excited to see Here to Help Learning developing to something […]

A Heart That Passionately Values Being a Mother

Passion can be an overused word these days. It is usually used to describe a deep longing that fuels you to accomplish great things with your given time, treasures and talents. It conjures up images of the super successful person who relentlessly does not give up in achieving supernatural success. It is rarely used in […]

Just My Size

Our seven year old daughter was constantly doing some craft or project. She announced one day that she needed a cross for her room. She asked me if she could make it out of wood and decorate it. “Uh huh”, I answered as I did the dishes. About a half hour later she called for […]

But I Can Make Cookies

And two more makes ten. Two bouncing teenage boys arrived on our door step and our family of eight grew to ten. Our 1600 square foot double wide home became smaller with each passing day. Our plan to expand our home was already in motion. The contractors had already cleared the land for our new triple […]

I Forgot:(

  Our Christian walk is in danger. It is not in danger from the evil of this world. God’s Word clearly states that, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God”. It is not from our own sin. God’s word also states that, “If we are faithful to confess our sins, He is faithful […]

Are Ya Speaking my Language?

 About a hundred women gathered for the yearly women’s retreat. Our church is pretty big so at times it can feel a little overwhelming to connect, especially for a newcomer. And there were a lot of newcomers this particular year. There were also a lot of veteran women including myself, who had been the “master […]

Conflict Happens

Our 13 year old son was reading his assigned short story in literature. The story revolved around two brothers who were in conflict with each other which resulted in each of the brothers deeply hurting their relationship. Through the story, the brothers discover that their actions were rooted in pride and envy. Our son dutifully […]