On the Road with HTHL: Colorado-to-Kansas

Welcome! Glad you are joining us On the Road with HTHL for the 2017 Homeschool Convention Season! Date: March 6, 2017- March 12, 2017  Colorado Springs, Colorado to Wichita, Kansas Monday It seemed like every Colorado Rocky Mountain dust particle landed on the HTHL van. Freezing temperatures hovering between 32 and 36 degrees and gusts of wind […]

On the Road with HTHL: Open Highways- New Adventures!

Welcome to my first On the Road with HTHL post of the 2017 Homeschool Convention Season! Date: February 19, 2017- February 26, 2017 Cathlamet, Washington- to- Bismark, North Dakota Bismark, North Dakota to Rapid City, South Dakota Hello 2017, you are not what I expected! After the 2016 Homeschool Convention Season had ended, we rode the wonderful […]

Love Your Spouse Challenge

Have you heard of the Love Your Spouse Challenge? It’s simple. 1.Post seven pictures (one a day for seven days) of you and your spouse and tell the world why you love your spouse. 2. Tag your married friends and encourage them to do the same. Why do the Love Your Spouse Challenge? I like […]

On the Road with HTHL: Cousins and Comfort Food

May 2, 2016-May 15, 2016 Indianapolis, Indiana Long Island, New York Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Range of miles: 11,724–13,654 Week #11 and#12/23weeks Monday: After that spectacular lightning show and pouring rain, everything was a little damp at our camp site. But the gloomy day was not going to shade our sunshine filled hearts. We quickly packed because we were […]

On the Road with HTHL: I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing!

March 14-March 20, 2016  South Carolina to Fort Worth Texas:  Range of miles: 4,575-5,780 Days on the road: 23-30 Monday Morning-Oh did we need to sleep in, and sleep in we did! We had two days to get to Fort Worth, Texas and just shy of a thousand miles to travel. So we had a […]

Six Ways You Can Help Your Child Heal Through Writing

Why teach a child to write? There are many good reasons: •Facilitate Communication •Engage in Artistic Expression •Aid in Learning •Prepare for Future Employment However, one reason that often gets overlooked is writing can help children heal. Experiences of loss and tragedy greatly affect children. Death of a loved one Death of a pet House […]

10 Reasons to Write a Dear Santa Letter Every Year

I’ll admit. It seems like an odd family tradition. I mean, with all the Christmas commercialism, why would you encourage your kids to write a letter listing what THEY want for Christmas? I beg you. Please don’t click away. Hear me out. By the end of my post, you may even end up taking up […]

15 Must-Have Features for Your Special Needs Writing Program

Special Needs denotes that the needs are unique, and no cookie cutter approach to learning will work. Knowledge must simply pass through different delivery methods. However, when it comes to teaching special needs children to write, experts do agree that writing instruction should include these exemplary features: 15 Must-Have Features for Your Special Needs Writing […]

Unlocking the Mystery of Teaching Writing

Teaching writing to my children often produced tears. It could be summed up as #thestruggle.  If I made a chart tracking the tears shed during specific subjects in our homeschool day, it would look like this: Teaching a child to write is hard. Learning to write is hard. Writing is plain old hard work. Many […]

Organizationally Yours-Where to Start?

I’m sitting at church, dutifully taking notes as our pastor shares from God’s word, when my husband leans over and glances at what I have written. He shoots me a look of real concern. “What are you doing?” he asked. I looked down at my notes and realized his alarm was valid. All my nouns […]