But I Can Make Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies

And two more makes ten. Two bouncing teenage boys arrived on our door step and our family of eight grew to ten. Our 1600 square foot double wide home became smaller with each passing day. Our plan to expand our home was already in motion. The contractors had already cleared the land for our new triple wide. Days turned into months as it predictably does when you are building a home. Filling out bank statements, ordering building inspections and overseeing contractors became my part time job while my husband was at work. We were moving right along. The house was delivered, bumps in the building process were handled and contractors were working hard. We were ready to hook up the electricity to our new home. This was would be no easy feat. We live on six acres, six acres of steep muddy brush covered hillsides with building debris strewn all over the land. Trenches were dug and pipes were laid, we were ready for power.

The foreman of the electrical company knocked at the door and gave me his card and the familiar contractor’s greeting, “Hi, we are here to…” I smiled and replied, “If there is any thing you need, just let me know.” We parted and went each to our own business. It was about ten minutes later that I got another knock at the door. “Mrs. Mora, can you please step outside?” From the tone in his voice and the sight of his crew packing up to leave, I knew this was not good. “Mrs. Mora you have a real problem here,” the man with the fate of our family in his hands spoke.” Who designed these plans anyway?” he continued. And for the next twenty minutes the foreman explained why our electricity could not be connected and would not be connected until the spring of the following year, six months away! I listened and I prayed. The problems he had encountered were very real. I drew a slow breath and tried to hide the panic in my voice. I explained the bank note was coming due, our kids have been sleeping in the family room and we just had to figure out a way to get electricity to our new home! “Is there anything you can do?” I pleaded.

“I don’t think you understand ma’am, our trucks can’t get up your hill. You will have to wait until your land dries up, maybe in the spring. The only way you’re going to get electricity to your home is if you get twenty guys up here and they hand carry these cables up your muddy hill. I can’t get together a crew like that on such short notice. They are all working on other projects. It would take weeks to even submit the request and months before a project like this can be arranged.”

“Would you at least make a phone call?” I desperately asked. He took pity on me and said he would make a phone call but not to expect anything. I thanked him and then a wave of divine boldness came over me. I asked him, “Is there anything else that I can do from my end to make this happen today?”

He looked me up and down and shook his head and said, “Lady, what I need, you don’t have.” He was right. It was a silly question. I felt helpless and lacking. But then before I knew it I smiled and hesitantly stated, “…but I can make cookies.”

“You can?” his curiosity peaked.

“Homemade chocolate chip cookies with ice cold milk.” My confidence grew seeing his interest in my culinary skills, “If you get those twenty guys here, I will make chocolate chip cookies for all of you!”

“I’ll make a phone call,” he said and he quickened his pace back to the radio on the truck.

Meanwhile, my husband came home for lunch and passed the foreman who said to him, “She’s going to make us cookies!” My husband shrugged his shoulders and looked at me with a puzzled look.

“I’ll tell you later, it’s all good!” I reassured him.

The electrical foreman came back to me with a smile. Twenty guys will be here in a half hour. I made four batches of chocolate chip cookies that afternoon and delivered them with two gallons of ice cold milk and enough cups for twenty guys who were very appreciative and thanked me many times that afternoon. We too were thankful for their hard work. We had power in our new home that evening and an admiration for our Savior, who apparently uses chocolate chip cookies to answer prayers.

I thought of the little boy who shared his lunch with Jesus and fed five thousand people. I sometimes worry that what I have to offer won’t make a difference. Over the years, I have learned that there are many things in this world that I have no control over, life can be very tough. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do. Yes, I can pray, but I can also be willing to share what is in my own hands. God has entrusted to me certain resources and talents. I have learned that it is my responsibility to honor Him and use everything I have for His glory. I have found myself delivering cookies to an elderly neighbor that can’t leave her home, a homesick teenager away at college, a mother with baby number five, a child that has received a bad grade on a test, and a ministry that just needed to feel appreciated for the sacrifices they have made. I learned that if I give my talents, my resources and my chocolate chip cookies to a faithful God, He takes those talents, resources and little cookies and brings to light His love to a darkened world.

Now that’s real power!

From Our House to Yours,


P.S. The recipe for the chocolate chip cookies can be found on the back of the Nestle Toll House package, very ordinary. Okay, I do add one more teaspoon of vanilla.

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