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Welcome Hip Homeschool Moms!


Here to Help Learning enhances the love of writing one home at a time by providing Christian based, high-quality on-location filmed instruction for grades 1-6. Created by a 20-year homeschool veteran, Here To Help Learning’s lessons are action packed and filled with humorous antics that will keep your child engaged and learning. There are 6 courses that cover all aspects of paragraph and essay writing. Your valuable time will not be bogged down with a long list of preparations. We supply you with student worksheets and easy to use scripted lessons. We give the best part of home education back to you, the love and joy of learning together. Whether you are a home educator or a co-op teacher, you will be able to lead and teach with confidence and provide your students with outstanding writing instruction. Affordably priced that does not skimp on the extravagant.

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