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I’m Beth Mora and each week at Home to Home, I serve up generous sips of encouragement and helpful tricks of the trade. We explore the topics that are dear to all of our hearts, marriage, family, homeschooling, and living a life that honors God. Home to Home is one of those safe places to ask a question or take a well deserved break! Top 12 Home to Home Blog Posts About Writing.001

The Power of a Language Arts K.I.S.S.

Language arts drills and copy work has its place in a child’s writing development, but please give your child a Language Arts K.I.S.S. ! Give your child time to engage in the joy of written expression.Language Arts KISS.001

Meaningful Writing Projects Matter

Meaningful writing projects motivates all writers, especially young ones. Providing a writing project that has purpose helps to motivate your child to learn to write. Join one homeschool family’s writing experience and learn how a writing topic with purpose matters!meaningful

Passion for the Fit

Choosing a writing curriculum for homeschooling? Wonder why Here to Help Learning‘s Writing Program fits the needs of so many? You might be interested in the backstory.Passion for The Fit.001

Unlocking the Mystery of Teaching Writing

Teaching writing to my children often produced tears. I was surprised to discover my own writing experience was the key to unlocking the mystery.

Unlocking the Mystery of Teaching Writing.002


Give Your Child a “High Five” When Correcting a Paper

Correcting a child’s paper can raise some questions for both the veteran and novice home educator. Let’s give our kids a “High Five” when we correct their papers!High Five a Child's Writing.001

Seven Benefits to the “Talk Before You Write” Strategy

“Talk before You Write” is an effective teaching strategy that helps young writers become successful writers and communicators.Talking Before Writing.001

Spelling: Really… how important is it? 

Is spelling still important today? Learn the benefits of learning to spell and effective teaching tips for struggling spellers.Spelling Strategies.001

Dyslexia: Spelling Tips for Struggling Spellers

How do you help your child with dyslexia? Learn effective spelling tips for dyslexic students who struggle with spelling.Spelling Strategies 2.001

Dysgraphia: Exploring Effective Strategies

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects handwriting and fine motor skills. Parents and teachers often wonder, how can I help?Dysgraphia.001

Write From the Heart

Every time a writer writes, they put their heart in a public space. That can be a scary place for anyone, regardless of age, but it can be especially scary for young elementary students. As teachers, we must understand the vulnerability that our students feel when they write.heart

Moving On To the Next Writing Level

How do you help students transition from one writing level to the next? Explore how to make the move and guide our students.Moving On to the Next Writing Level.001

15 Must-Have Features for Your Special Needs Writing Program

Hayden's Story.001

Good Things Come in Packages of Three….

Even Reading Skills

Reading skills are foundational to good writing skills. When you scientifically think about the skill of being able to read, it is nothing short of a miracle. It is a very complex skill. Over the years, I have learned it is important to provide three types of on-going reading instruction in every grade. Reading Instruction2.001

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