The Best Homeschool 
Writing Program for Grades 1-6

What is unique about

Here To Help Learning’s

style of teaching?

Here to Help Learning…

…enhances the love of learning, one home at a time by providing Christian based, high-quality, on-location filmed instruction for grades 1-6.

  • Here to Help Learning’s delivery format is similar to popular video small group Bible studies where you watch a filmed segment with an on-camera teacher who provides the bulk of the instruction. Then you, the teacher/facilitator, are cued to pause the film and lead the discussion and/or activities.
  • We provide you with  Teacher/Facilitator scripted lessons and answers so you can confidently lead.
  • Students create a learning notebook using their notes, drawings, and the included HTHL student worksheets.

Here to Help Learning

We value relationship-based education.

Your talents and mentorship are key components to the success of the lessons. Our films are designed to provide quality education and spark a one-on-one discussion with your child, within your family, or with students in a co-op.

We believe, we all grow and learn better in groups!