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Success stories homeschool writing program

Here to Help Learning’s Homeschool Writing program is a success!

“Here to Help Learning’s Writing Program is perfect for the family or group class in need of an enthusiastic instructor. The courses are very easy-to-use and enjoyable for both students and adults. They also make it possible to teach children together if they are within a few grade levels of one another. The Christian aspects of the course—memory verses, mentions of faith and God throughout the courses, and activities that stress Christianity in action—are more thoroughly and effectively integrated than in most other Christian writing courses.”

Cathy Duffy (Curriculum Review)

“Thank you! We are looking forward to starting back with it. We started a new all in one curriculum this year that includes writing in the Language Arts part so we tried that out first. But it doesn’t teach the writing process as well as you do. And it didn’t allow enough time to walk through the whole process and really produce a good piece of writing.  Your program challenged my son and made him a better writer! So thank you for all your work on it.”
-Michelle T. 
“Dear Mrs. Mora, I used your writing program for my co-op writing class this semester. It fit our needs perfectly, and I am so grateful for the ease I could teach the class because of all your hard work. Thank you so much for providing this professional product!”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We just finished day one and my kids have big smiles on their faces. That has never happened with any other writing program I’ve used before! My senior and my oldest who’s in college happened to walk through the room while we were doing the lesson and they stayed to complete the brainstorming exercise with us. I heard many comments on how they wished their writing instruction was this fun. My senior even whipped out an “It Happened to Me” example paper for the youngers to read. I usually dread teaching writing, but I’m really looking forward to this year. I’m so glad we ran into you at the CHOIS convention!!! I will be spreading the word about your program to all of our friends!”
-Jamie W.  

“As a composition professor for the past 15 years, I love your program! The steps of the writing process, emphasis on strong words, and necessity of feedback are concepts I’ve been trying to help adults understand for years, but you have successfully made them accessible and FUN for kids. If more students learned these concepts at a younger age, college composition could go back to fine-tuning rhetorical skills instead of introducing them”

Konni J.

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“I wanted to tell you how much we love Here to Help Learning. I wish your cameras had been here today to record my nine-year-old son’s thoughts about your program! This program has been such a big motivator for him. You would not believe how resistant to writing he was before! My ten-year-old daughter has truly taken off. I couldn’t be more pleased and AMAZED! We enjoy your characters in the videos. Thank you for using your creative gifts to help young writers. And not just in writing, but to write with the Creator in mind and brining Him glory in all that we do. Seeing your face on the video makes us feel like you are a good friend. Thank you for your support to me.” 

-Michele R. 

“I want to thank you personally for this program. I literally almost quit homeschooling because of our struggles with teaching writing. You saved our homeschool! My kids now not only write better but they enjoy doing it, and it is really showing in their work.”

-Nancy M.

“What’s a homeschool mom to do? I tried different curriculums. I tried assigning some of the more popular assignments that I used when I taught in the public school classroom. I tried allowing them to dictate their assignments to me. I tried breaking the assignments down into very small pieces, showing them how to do each one. Nothing worked well, or any positive effects didn’t last long. Here to Help Learning is a great addition to our homeschool curriculum, and it is definitely helping my children to develop an excitement about writing.”

-Jennifer J. (Blogger, Jennifer A. Janes)

“We met your husband and daughter at the Virginia Homeschool Convention and my daughter was excited to begin the program from the get-go. It’s the first thing she wants to do every day, and it’s all I can do to have a cup of coffee and a few adjusting-to-being-awake moments before she’s begging to get started. I have to restrain her from wanting to go through multiple lessons a day…that she needs to be letting these ideas mull around a bit and not rush it (not to mention other schoolwork needing attention)!”

-Deanna O.

“Writing is hard.  Teaching writing can be hard.  Teaching writing to a wiggly, squiggly 9 year old boy can be even harder.  There are a few programs we love for older students, but for younger kids, the choices are more limited.  Trying to find one that fits my kinesthetic learner is even harder. But we did with Here to Help Learning. The video based lessons are great for my active boy.  Mrs. Mora’s humor keeps him laughing.  Her clear instructions keep him moving forward.  The worksheets engage him, and the sidekick dog entertains him.”

– Michelle (Blogger)

“Here To Help takes an innovative approach to this, using videos and interactive media to engage the learner, struggling with typical teaching methods.”

-Shawna W. (Blogger/Author Not the Former Things)

“The videos themselves are high quality and creative. Beth, the teacher and homeschool mother herself, is wonderfully engaging with my young crew. The activities are fun, and Beth has a knack for helping the kids to understand and apply new concepts.”

-Michelle K. (Blogger, My Blessed Home)

“Some writing programs are just far too exhausting. That’s why we are loving Here to Help Learning!

-Deana Wood. (Blogger, Redeeming the Days)

“Awesome writing program! I’ve never witnessed my son so passionate about his writing.”

-Jaynee S.

“We met your husband at the Ontario Homeschool Convention. Honestly I kind of took a card and didn’t think too much more about it until I couldn’t get my first grader to write a sentence without crying. Then we started your program. Not only did she just write an entire paragraph by herself but she actually ASKS to do writing first. I am SOOOOO thankful and have been telling my other friends who have reluctant writers as well. Thank you for going to the convention- I would never have known this program existed otherwise.”

-Michelle S.

“Beth Mora’s program is not only designed to make an oft-maligned subject “fun” but also to promote writing as a way of interacting with and thinking about the world. She presents tools for creating a “culture of writing” and has an obvious respect for the subject and desire to translate that respect to young writers. By encouraging children to write “early and often” and minimizing opportunities for competition and shame, she hopes to spark a long lasting love for writing.”

Exodus Books-Homeschool Supply

“We started using this program with my older daughters this last year after seeing Here to Help Learning at a homeschool convention. My daughters went from not liking writing to it being one of their favorite subjects. Mrs. Mora truly does a great job of engaging the students and making the subject enjoyable. As a result, both of their writing skills have increased dramatically (it’s amazing what happens when they actually enjoy what they are doing). My younger son has seen his sisters and now he cannot wait to start this next year. I am very happy we found Here to Help Learning.”

-Jeff E. (Homeschool dad and co-owner Eagle’s Nest Homeschool Supply

This is an amazing program that makes writing become enjoyable rather than a challenge for kids. Who knew your elementary aged child could write a book.

-Gianna W.

“We just found Here to Help Learning and I love it!  The video teaching is excellent and Colby has to actually be told to stop writing at times.  He has surprised me with how creative he is and how much he enjoys Ms. Mora.”

-Michelle Pleasants

Best writing program out there. I love the foundation this laid for future writing success.

-Jeanne C.

Thank you for a great year of writing! Your program provided just what our family needed for this past year.  It helped my older daughter to learn to write a multi-paragraph essay and my younger daughter to write paragraphs and much more.  

-Kelli W.


“I use this writing program with my daughter and it stopped the tears over writing in our school.  It helped her to stop dreading writing and to start asking if she could write more.  This fact alone made this program one of my favorites that we have reviewed.  It is also one of my favorites because it can be used for multiple grade levels.”

-Cassandra H.

“My daughter loves, loves, loves your writing program! She has improved so much this year with her writing skills. She was especially enthralled with the poetry section and disappointed when it ended. However, now she writes poetry on her own using her new skills.I am looking forward to using your program again next year.”

-Lynette A.

If my kids were puppies, I would have physically seen their ears perked up when they heard your enthusiastic voice. It’s such a warming familiar sound. Your lessons are well planned out down to the smallest detail yet they don’t feel redundant.

-Danielle B.

“This is probably the best online writing systems for home school families that I have seen. First, it’s simple. No home school parent needs a program that is so complicated it takes all summer to understand it and prepare to use it. Also, Parents – you will have a solid writing methodology your children can follow and you will see concrete results. Kids – it’s fun and interactive, encouraging and SIMPLE to follow. Instructions are always clear and in small bite size pieces, so you won’t get overwhelmed and yet it will provide enough for the fast learner.  It’s easy to navigate, has engaging videos for kids interest levels, consistent instruction, and easy to understand instructions. Children who just don’t know where to start with their writing can begin with the paragraph writing process — children who are ready for more can really sink their teeth into “writing a novel” Each part of this writing program has been tested with home school families BEFORE going online – Mrs. Mora’s experiences teaching home schoolers (including her own) have been transferred lovingly into this program. Bless your children with this program and you will have writers who love not only writing but learning how to write well.”

-Gianna W.

Just a quick line to say how impressed I am with your program!  Even though we are only on lessons two, my kids are already loving it…they even are asking for MORE PAPER to write on!  (trust me, this is a first in my house)  Thank you, thank you!

-Bre M.

I just wanted to say watching the videos everyday felt like old friends coming to visit.  It always brightened our homeschool day.  The boys love learning about the authors.  My oldest son was inspired to write his own script for a Lego Stop Motion movie and to this date all the voice recording has been completed!  

-Kimberly L.

“We use Here to Help Learning! It’s VERY fun, gentle approach to learning how to write.”  

-Jennifer G.

“I just want to take the time to thank you for your writing program and all your hard work. We have six families that meet every week. Each of us takes a class. I took what was a subject (writing) full of tears to a subject that is so much fun. Thank you so much!”

-Andrea P.

“My 11 yr old son’s writing experience always ended in tears. After starting HTHL, he never cries, never complains and actually enjoys doing his lessons. He and his little brother even walk around singing the songs. I have several friends using this program and we are so thankful to have found it!”


“I highly recommend The Here to Help Learning curriculum. I so appreciated its ease of use, creativity (already thought up which is wonderful bc that is not my strength), enthusiastic instruction and affordability. My older daughter loves to write and will herself attribute this to Beth’s teaching (her use of metaphors is music to my ears). My youngest daughter’s interest in writing improved immensely using this curriculum. At the end of the school year, I not only felt like I had completed something, but I had precious keepsakes as well. I cannot recommend this curriculum enough!”

-Margo F.

Off we go! And, trust me, it’s going to be a grand trip! Parents/teachers will be able to fasten their seatbelts, settle in and enjoy the flight. Your young student will be transported to a land where writing is exciting and fun. Essentially a video instruction course but coupled with guidance and direction for the parent/mentor, as well as extensive worksheets/exercises for the student, there are specific goals in mind – writing projects for the student to complete. Designed for elementary students with an airplane theme, there are six courses that cover all aspects of paragraph and essay writing. Utilizing all sorts of airplane terminology, Mrs. Mora, a homeschooling mother of eight, has bottomless energy and a seemingly endless quantity of aviation analogies. She also has a tremendous grasp of how to teach writing (actually, I suspect she could teach practically anything) in a thrilling, creative, captivating way. There is a thoroughly Christian orientation to this program; lessons are presented from a biblical worldview, character qualities are emphasized, and there’s a course memory verse. So, buckle up! Your flight is ready for take-off! 

Rainbow Resource Review (page 300)

“My fourth grader has just blossomed with her writing and we want to continue to provide her with opportunities. Your assignments are much more interesting than some we have reviewed. Even though Sarah (her sister) is in 7th/8th grade she has enjoyed these writing assignments too, especially the variety. It’s brilliant! Fun! Creative! Set my youngest on fire for writing.” 

-Ardis M.

Thank you so much for the joy that you brought to my son. How many 9 year old boys (today is his birthday) have the opportunity to write their own book.  Mrs. Mora, you are awesome and amazing.  Thanks for bringing such a big smile to his face on his birthday night.

-Jeannie C.

“There’s an unmet need for this kind of product among homeschool families. We’re always having to tweak and adapt so much if we want to get a group together for any particular subject. Nearly all the other curriculum vendors assume we just want a product that we use 4 or 5 days a week, in home, and anything we do with other families outside the home is sort of “extra” instead of core.’

-Lisa S. Co-op Teacher

“I totally and completely recommend this product. The first year we did this program with our co-op and, though we used lowest level of writing (1st through 3rd) we quickly discovered that every one wrote to their level. In other words my seventh grade girl wrote long, involved stories while my fourth grader’s were much shorter. Beth Mora is very entertaining and she makes learning the topics fun and simple. Both my daughter’s writing skills have increased dramatically and, even though not marketed as a grammar program per se, she did a great job teaching the general mechanics of writing. It’s just enough to keep my girls from being discouraged (as has happened in many other language arts programs).
Far from being just a “talking head” video you can immediately see all the hard work and creativity that went into producing this program. It’s a fun, inventive, well-produced way to help kids love writing. Beth Mora is so captivating; she’s her own variety show on a DVD. I do it with my kids, and I love it.”

Sandy Roy, Co-Creator/Professional writer of Jonathan Park Radio series.

Love this program!! My 7 year old son wants to write all the time now!!! My daughter loves it too, but she wasn’t reluctant like my son was. Now this is their favorite subject!!

-Mia M.

“We used Here to Help Learning Writing program for my two youngest boys, both of whom have drastically different learning styles. One struggled greatly with reading and writing and was very reluctant to put pen to paper. The other loved writing and wrote prolifically for the joy of it. My boys had the advantage of being in Beth Mora’s live classes for a time, and they were thrilled to continue with the online curriculum. What continues to amaze me about Beth Mora’s writing curriculum is the ease with which I was able to use one curriculum that reached both of them. If only I had this when I was homeschooling my two older children!
Beth employs a step by step approach which is tremendously helpful for the child who stares at the blank page with no idea where to begin. My reluctant writer appreciated knowing exactly what to expect in each step of the process. However, Beth makes each lesson highly engaging, encouraging and interactive, with hands on activities, so there is always something new to look forward to. Her engaging style helped my “full steam ahead” writer take the time to complete each step of the writing process. At the end of each section within each “Flight”, my boys had a creative published work they felt proud of. These finished writing projects are keepers! We still enjoy looking through our Here to Help Learning projects…the Poetry Books they created are my personal favorite.”

-Lisa S.

“Both of my daughters have been using Here To Help Learning curriculum for 5+ years. Beth’s techniques are so easy to teach and so easy for the kids to understand. Her animated videos and teaching keeps the attention of both students and teachers. Both of my daughters love to write. Beth taught them both to be creative and to be proud of their writings. One of my favorite things about her teaching is that she really focuses on “publishing” their work. That can be by just reading it aloud to someone, all the way to actually putting it in book form. The affordability of this program is amazing . Here To Help Learning focuses on the whole family and they make it possible to use the program for all your children without paying a lot. I can not recommend this program enough. If you are thinking of looking at more programs, DON’T. This program will make your children love to write. Positivity rings through. Thank you Beth for what you’ve done for our family.”

-Carol M.

My son challenged by autism struggled with any writing assignment that I gave him.  He couldn’t understand writing prompts at all. He struggled with reading comprehension. He loved watching the videos and following along with the assignments. His writing has improved greatly after using Here to Help Learning. Here To Help Learning is a positive encouraging program to grow your children into excellent writers!  

-Kimberly L.

We all know that one of the hardest challenges as homeschool parents is to motivate our children. Here to Help learning is absolutely the most amazing and creative homeschool writing program I’ve ever seen. The Here to Help Learning Team has held nothing back. The accompanying videos will grab your children’s imagination. The assignments are exciting. The other day I saw my wife and daughters making pop-up books. “Where did you get that idea?” I asked my wife, Sandy. Of course, it was another of the many writing projects they’ve done through Here to Help. This program has definitely helped to unlock the exciting adventure of “creating through writing” that has changed the lives of my girls!

-Pat Roy Co-creator, Jonathan Park

I immediately knew your program was a perfect fit for our family when I came to your booth at the 2014 Cincinnati Homeschool Convention and I keep on getting confirmation of that with each lesson.  This year, each child in our co-op class (including 2 with special needs) grew in leaps and bounds in their skills, confidence and love for writing because of doing Here to Help Learning’s program.  We’re excited to keep on going on more adventures with you! HTHL has been a lifesaver for our homeschooling! After 2 yrs., I was stressed out, but Beth Mora’s delightful way of engaging students brought back the joy of teaching & learning to our routine. Thank you you all for your infectious joy, energy and fun-loving personalities!

Erika B.

“Here to Help Learning Team, I just want to thank you so much for developing this absolutely amazing writing program!!! We have an 11-year-old son who has Aspergers, and language arts is a struggle (understatement!) and discouragement for us. We have tried several things, but we have been unsuccessful in finding something that would work for him. With tears in my eyes as I write this to you, I want to thank you for using your incredible gifts that God has blessed you ALL with (each one of you!!!!) to create this program. Even though we are at the end of our homeschool year, we decided to just TRY your program with him. This entire school year, getting him to write even THREE sentences has been a struggle. I’m not even joking. His first Writing Warm-Up resulted in him filling BOTH pages and telling me he needed one more page so he could finish his story!!!!!!! Each Writing Warm-Up since then has been nearly the same!!! He absolutely LOVES the video lessons and the activities and had the writing process steps memorized after the first lesson.

-Laurie D.

“Without a doubt it was a painless way to approach writing! We love Mrs. Mora’s enthusiasm and her techniques have stayed with my son through his elementary years. We miss Mrs. Mora but we are so glad that we had the years we did because writing is so much easier and fun!”

-Julie E.

We loved our writing experience with Here to Help Learning’s online program! It is a WONDERFUL program! My kids and I loved all of Mrs. Mora’s characters and laughed together at Captain Knucklehead all year long!!! It was an awesome year that we will treasure! We have purchased HTHL workbook and DVD set to use next year and we are very excited to dive into writing again with Mrs. Mora!!!! Thank you for all your hard work creating such an exceptional program!

-Rhonda S.

“We LOVE Here to Help! Thank you for all you do!”  

-Katie B.

“I can never say enough good things. Your writing program put a fire under my daughter, that is still burning strong to this day. My older daughter still remembers the fun and creative projects from HTHL and uses the writing process she learned on her high school lessons today.”

-Ardis M.

“Thank you for your AMAZING skill and heart Beth.  I just want you to know, that you made this past semester a true joy … and they have loved EVERY moment of it… me too.

-Julie M.

“You made my child a thinking child!”

-Steve G.

“Here to help learning writing program has made such a difference in my children’s ability and enjoyment of writing. They have become excellent and confident writers and I give a lot of the credit to Beth Mora and her wonderful curriculum!”

-Kiana G.

“Today, we were getting ready to work through a behavioral issue, and I asked the kids a question about how to handle it. My daughter said very excitedly, “I know Mama, we could use PIP!” (PIP, Praise, Input, Praise from HTHL’s guide for giving input) and she continued, “You could tell her something nice she did, then tell her what you think she did wrong and then tell her something nice again! She definitely paid attention to HTHL’s lessons!!”

-Tracy R.

“I appreciate the family values you are helping spread and the encouragement you are providing through God’s strength and love. It makes me smile to watch the videos.”

-Samantha K.

“I am very impressed with the Writing product you have created!”

“My daughter loved your program, and her writing improved with the first assignment!”

-Sally B.

“I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know how very blessed I was by my time speaking with you this past weekend in Modesto.  Both of my children, as well as my-self, came away blessed and encouraged by your amazingly sweet and encouraging spirit!  Thank-you so much for reaching out to another “tired” momma!!! God bless you !

-Karen T.

“Wow! Everything looks so wonderful.  The videos are amazing!  I just printed off the the Language Helps Booklet which is probably worth one month of membership just on its own.”

-Lisa S.

“There is a culture unique to where I live that is a bit pessimistic.  When homeschooling, it is therapy to me, the Mom, to have a role model like Mrs. Mora, who encourages me to keep in touch with my inner child.  Adult roles tend to squash the kid inside each of us.  Mrs. Mora is a breath of fresh air to me every time we watch the video for the week!  We have a wide range of abilities in our writing co-op class, and each level of ability has been challenged and seen significant progress as well as developed an excitement for writing!  Thank you, Here to Help Learning!  We love you guys!”

-Erika C.

“My sons are writing better because of Here to Help Learning’s Writing Program. I learned many teaching tools from it as well. We use the techniques we learned from your writing program for other writing projects as well. Keep up the good work.”

-Robin C.

“My son & I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  We’ve grown and learned more than just writing!  Our whole family loves to stop and watch Mrs. Mora : )It is an EXCELLENT, TRULY EXCELLENT program.  I will highly recommend it. : ) Absolutely LOVE the Christian stance also.”

-Angie D.

“Thanks again for creating such a fun program!  It is so helpful to me because teaching writing is my biggest weakness, and you do it in such a fun and unique way.”

-Cheryl H.

“We absolutely love your program. I recommend it every time I’m asked about a writing curriculum. I will continue to recommend your program as the BEST writing curriculum available.”

-Amy H.

“My sons are writing better because of Here to Help Learning’s Writing Program. I learned many teaching tools from it. We use the techniques we learned from your writing program for other writing projects as well. Keep up the good work.”

-Robin C.

“I love your program. High quality and very detailed. We used it this year and it was great. I would recommend your program to anyone. It was wonderful. I even know the writing process….. brainstorm, make a list, first rough draft….. 🙂

-Carrie H.

“Our family loves your program!  I have 4 kids, almost 13, 11, 6 and 3. My older kids are girls and they did enjoy all the different types of writing. Their favorite was poetry!  My oldest daughter would like to be a writer, and she appreciated the exposure to different genres. We have recommend your program to many, and they love it as well!  We appreciate your program and pray it continues to bless many as it has blessed us!”

-Niki S.