The Best Homeschool 
Writing Program for Grades 1-6



1. Choose a skill level.

homeschool writing skill levels

Here to Help Learning’s Writing Program has two skill levels:

Paragraph Writing and Essay Writing


Paragraph Writing teaches the student how to write a  paragraph and is geared for 1-3 graders. 


Essay Writing  teaches the student how to write a 4-5 paragraph essay and is geared for 4-6 graders. 

Not sure of Your Child’s Writing Skill Level?

If you are unsure which level to place your child in,  Here to Help Learning provides a Writing Placement Test.

After I choose a level, which Flight do I choose?

Each Skill Level has three Flights or one year of instruction. 

You can choose to start on any Flight. Each Flight is all-inclusive and may be used in any order. Because instruction in all Flights is all-inclusive, it is set up to facilitate multi-level teaching within the Paragraph or Essay skill level. There are beginner and advanced levels in each lesson. So you may choose the flight with the writing projects that pique your family’s interest. View the Scope and Sequence for a full list of Writing Projects. While Flights may be done in any order, instruction is unique to each year, and different skills are introduced.

Please note: Essay level-Flight 3 is HTHL’s Write a Book project. We recommend the student complete at least one Flight in the Essay level before beginning this project.