The Best Homeschool 
Writing Program for Grades 1-6

FAQ pics with HTHL 9.004

Modifying the Paragraph Writing Level for an older child is easy. Homeschool moms tell us that implementing these steps helped tremendously.

1.Utilize HTHL’s Writing Placement Test to help determine your child’s writing level.

2. Choose the online membership at 6.99/month. You will receive access to all six years of instruction. Often an older child receiving instruction from HTHL quickly progresses from the paragraph level to the essay level because of our unique instruction style.

By choosing the online membership option, you will have the freedom to explore your child’s writing level at a comfortable pace without spending extra money. When you and your student feel comfortable with your choice of writing level, then you may want to consider purchasing the workbooks or DVD kits.

3. Instead of using the standard 1-inch lined paper that may seem childish to your older child, choose one of 18 different styles of paper that HTHL provides to its members.

Both the Paragraph and Essay Writing Levels have been successfully used by many 7-8th graders.

“My fourth grader has just blossomed with her writing and we want to continue to provide her with opportunities. Your assignments are much more interesting than some we have reviewed. Even though Sarah (her sister) is in 7th/8th grade she has enjoyed these writing assignments too, especially the variety. It’s brilliant! Fun! Creative! Set my youngest on fire for writing.” -Ardis M.