The Best Homeschool 
Writing Program for Grades 1-6

Family Setting

Homeschool Writing

Learn together as a family!


Learning together as a family is at the heart of home education. You will enjoy the ease of lesson preparation and the ability to customise the program to suit your family’s needs.

Prep Time (5-10 minutes): Read scripted lesson, gather supplies (see Master Supply List), and press play on the DVD or web lesson.

Lesson Time (45-60 minutes): The length of the lesson depends on the size of your family. Special instructions are included in the Writing Overview/Teacher’s Guide for families that have one child using the program.

“I immediately knew your program was a perfect fit for our family, and I keep on getting confirmation of that with each lesson.  This year, each child in our co-op class (including 2 with special needs) grew in leaps and bounds in their skills, confidence and love for writing because of doing Here to Help Learning’s program.  We’re excited to keep on going on more adventures with you! Thank you all for your infectious joy, energy and fun-loving personalities!”

-Erika B.

Helpful Hint: If you are using online membership, make sure you have good internet connection before the first day of class.

Helpful Hint: To gain an understanding of the program, read through the Writing Overview/Teacher’s Guide before first day of class. Online members: Writing Overview is found on the Menu Toolbar)

Online Membership Helpful Hint: Familiarize yourself with Here to Help Learning’s Resources. (Found on the Menu Toolbar)

DVD/Workbook Kits Helpful Hint: Register at for FREE  resources and weekly writing teaching tips.