Scope & Sequence

Here to Help Learning’s Scope and Sequence offers six years of writing instruction.

  • Students complete six writing projects in each “Flight” or one year of instruction.
  • Each writing project highlights a writing skill.
  • Each “Flight’ is all inclusive. Lessons build on foundations laid in lesson 1 and continue building with advancing concepts through lesson 32.
  • Paragraph Writing is generally for grades 1-3 or higher.
  • Essay Writing is recommended for grades 4-6 or higher.
  • Once you determine your child’s skill level, you may choose any flight within the skill level.
  • However, Essay Flight 3 (Write-a-Book Project) is recommended only after completing at least one year of Essay Flight 1 or 2.
  • Scope and Sequence homeschool writing paragraph writing

    Here to Help Learning Paragraph Writing


scope and sequence homeschool writing essay writing

Here to Help Learning Essay Writing