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Writing Program for Grades 1-6

Samples.001PARAGRAPH WRITING LEVEL ( Grades 1-3+)

Sample Lesson: Once Upon a Fable

Students embark on a writing adventure to create their own fable story! In this unit, students also explore the differences between a fable and a parable. Mrs. Mora takes your student through the writing process step by step!

Sample Game: All Paragraph Writing levels

HTHL uses six different games to help your young writer create strong sentences:


Sample Lesson: Canterbury Tales

Let the competition begin! Just like in the real Canterbury Tales, it is game-on for your student; who can tell a tale that will keep the interest of your fellow travelers? The literary technique focus in this project is irony.

Sample Game: All Essay Writing Levels

Writing-Warm-Up time, in the Essay Writing Level, means it’s time to spin the wheel to find out what the literary technique of the day is! Students learn to apply the top ten literary techniques to their writing.

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