Scheduling the Lesson

Lesson time is usually scheduled twice a week on two separate days. There are 32 Lessons in a Flight. (A “Flight” is one year of instruction.)

Day 1: Group Time with the Filmed Instruction

  • Each filmed lesson consists of five components that move the student step by step through the writing process. Schedule one hour to complete all five parts.
  • Your talents and mentorship are key elements to the success of the lesson.
  • Estimated time for the Filmed Instruction is about one hour.
lesson time Homeschool Writing Program

Day 2: Complete the Flying Solo (independent work) assignments.

  • Estimated time for Flying Solo work for the Paragraph Writing level is 30-60 min.
  • Estimated time for Flying Solo work for the Essay Writing level is 60-90 min.

For more information on the writing levels see: Choosing a Skill Level

Lesson time Homeschool Writing Program