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Writing Program for Grades 1-6

Co-Op Setting

Homeschool Writing

Homeschool co-ops build community.

Co-Ops build homeschool community and enrich learning!  Here to Help Learning’s Writing Program will help you create lasting memories! Writing classes are some of the most sought after core courses in the homeschool community. Your student’s writing projects make a wonderful end of the year display. There is a special winging ceremony for student’s who complete the Write a Book Project. Most importantly, you will be giving the next generation an opportunity to enjoy and learn the art of communicating with the written word.

Here to Help Learning products are quite different than other homeschool curriculums.

The filmed instruction provides the bulk of the teaching. It is similar to a small group video Bible study where you just press play, watch and learn together, pause the film and talk about it, or do the activity. We provide you with great visuals and graphics that drive the lesson home.

The crafts are all planned for you and are modeled on film. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel! Most crafts require few supplies. A master supply list for the year is provided for easy planning. And since our program has been tested in a co-op, all activities are a snap to facilitate and complete in the allotted class time.

You simply add your individual mentorship to facilitate individualized learning.

We give you student checklists and grading rubrics that help guide your students. These are completed in class, so the co-op teacher doesn’t have to spend extra time outside of class grading papers.

You are also given our Quick Reference Guide to Grammar and Punctuation. This 26-page guide will give you quick answers when you are giving input on your student’s papers.

Co-ops enrich learning. I have always loved the accountability and wonderful homeschool memories co-ops provided for my children and me.

Prep Time
(10-15 minutes): Read the scripted lesson, gather supplies, and press play on the DVD or web lesson.

Lesson Time (50-60 minutes): Our lessons are scripted to be completed in one hour. I recommend 6-8 students in a class and no more than 10 students to ensure that everyone has the chance to share their writing.

Easy Scheduling:

Fall Semester (Lessons 1-16)

Spring Semester (Lessons 17-32

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How to Buy for a Co-op and Licensing

Step one: Familiarize yourself with our Buyer’s Guide and Group Use Licensing

Sharing login information outside of your own family infringes on Here to Help Learning’s copyrights.

Things to consider:

As a co-op teacher, you determine what product your students need. You are dedicating your time and talents to enrich the next generation. Please make it easy on yourself.

Many co-op teachers report that requiring their students to hold an HTHL membership benefits the teacher as well as the student.

First Benefit: If your student is absent (for any reason-including those spur-of-the-moment field trips we homeschool families are famous for), he/she will have access to the instruction covered in class via HTHL’s instructional films rather than you spending your precious time repeating information on the phone. They will not have the benefit of your mentorship, but they will be able to keep current.

Second Benefit: Also requiring your students to have an HTHL membership benefits your student and his/her family. If a student forgets the instruction or the mom wants a detailed explanation of the assignment, both mom and student needs are met when the family has an online membership.

It’s really a win for you and a win for your students and their families.

Thumb’s Up for Here to Help Learning!

“There’s an unmet need for this kind of product among homeschool families. We’re always having to tweak and adapt so much if we want to get a group together for any particular subject. Nearly all the other curriculum vendors assume we just want a product that we use 4 or 5 days a week, in-home, and anything we do with other families outside the home is sort of “extra” instead of core.”

-Lisa S. Co-op Teacher

“This year, each child in our co-op class (including 2 with special needs) grew in leaps and bounds in their skills, confidence, and love for writing because of doing Here to Help  Learning’s Writing Program. We’re excited to keep on going on more adventures with you! Thank you all for your infectious joy, energy, and fun-loving personalities!”

-Erika B. Co-Op Teacher

“As a composition professor for the past 15 years, I love your program! The steps of the writing process, emphasis on strong words, and necessity of feedback are concepts I’ve been trying to help adults understand for years, but you have successfully made them accessible and FUN for kids. If more students learned these concepts at a younger age, college composition could go back to fine-tuning rhetorical skills instead of introducing them”

-Konni J. College Professor