Let’s Say the Writing Process!

October 30, 2015

Last Sunday, Forrest and I were the substitute teachers for our church’s marriage class. Our class is studying Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. The theme of the study is- what if God designed marriage to make us holy more than to make us happy? You can imagine; it’s been a challenging study. Forrest and I taught session three and explored the differences between being a mate who is self-centered, spouse-centered, or God-centered. We had a wonderful large group discussion about how each paradigm plays out in marriage.


Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas in one word- Challenging!

Here to Help Learning News

Apparently, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I’m not speaking about Knucklehead. I’m speaking about myself. This week, once again, I went to “O.J.T. School” (On the Job Training) and learned how to operate the ins-and-outs of inDesign, a publishing software that we are using to produce the HTHL’s literature notebooks and teacher’s guides. At first glance, the inDesign toolbar is dizzying for this Gen X girl! However, by the end of the week, I was having fun with all the design possibilities! A huge shout out to CEN Josh for his patience! He fielded a pile of my questions!


I love the way the new HTHL Literature Guides are taking shape!

We were back in the studio again for some Captain Knucklehead voice overs. Last week, I had to laugh. I think the only reason some of the kids agreed to participate in the filming was so they could meet Knucklehead. One little girl asked if I could get Knucklehead to say a few words! Her mom shook her head, and I smiled. “Knucklehead speaks only through “movie magic”, I replied and grinned.


Adding some “movie magic” to Captain Knucklehead’s voice!

Weekly Writing Tips

Saying the Writing Process

Has anyone said this… or am I all alone?
How many times do I have to tell you?
(Please say with hands on hips and a less than soft tone)

I would like to have a dollar for every time I have said that in my mothering career. However, my frustration is unmerited. My exhaustion is merited but not my frustration. Information needs to be repeated to facilitate learning!

Research has shown hands-down that repetition is foundational to learning. Information repeated over and over, create deep pathways in the brain, enabling easier recall of information. Repetition is the mother of all learning.

“Let’s say the Writing Process like we are running a marathon!”

FAQ pics with HTHL5.001

Repetition is the mother of ALL teaching!

In HTHL’s writing lessons, we say the steps of the writing process over and over, and it produces success! Recently, a former Here to Help Learning student participated in an eighth-grade writing class. The teacher commented to his mother about his advanced writing skills and asked what curriculum she used. The student’s mom told the teacher; he had been doing Here to Help Learning’s Writing Program since the second grade. The teacher responded, “I should have guessed, all my students who have used Here to Help Learning have such a great grasp of the Writing Process.”

Repetition works but, sometimes rote learning can be boring.
Here are some tips to make it fun!

•Be enthusiastic!
•Play along!
•Do the hand motions!
•Use funny voices!
•Say it incorrectly and let your children “catch” you.
•Have your children create their own “Say the Writing Process.”
•Film the students saying the writing process.( Share the laughs! Send us the video!)
•Do you have another idea? Share it on the HTHL Forum!
HTHL’s Writing Process is the same writing process that professional authors use! Each time you join your students and say the writing process with gusto, you are helping your students build a writing habit that will serve them for a lifetime!

Home to Home Blog

Talking Before Writing.001Blogger/professional writer, Jennifer Janes and I teamed up this week to explore the “Talk Before You Write” teaching strategy”. Our different perspectives will give you food for thought and practical ways you can guide the writing discussion with your child. Take a moment and come by for a visit. Blog-Icon-1

Blog in the Making for November 5:  This next blog is personal. Recently, I’ve been challenged with a new perspective that has kicked my spiritual butt into action. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you. 

Blessings! We hope you have a wonderful week homeschooling! If you need help with our writing program, send us a support ticket. If you just want to ask me a question, click ASK BETH. You could win an HTHL tea/coffee mug!

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