Five Reasons to Make a Writing Portfolio for Your Child

October 16, 2015

Creating homeschool memories in our household always seems to involve hands-on projects. My daughter’s high school memories are proving no different. On Fridays, my high schooler and a couple of her friends meet for a biology lab class in our home. On the lab menu for this week, (get ready to wince if you are squeamish!), dissecting lungs and hearts! It has been a privilege to teach and watch these kids grow up into fine teenagers! I love the homeschooling community!

Biology set up

Only homeschoolers would have a small bouquet of flowers in a pic of a Biology lab set up!

Here To Help Learning News

We finished the film shoot for Island of the Blue Dolphins, lesson one! Now it’s time for some movie magic! CEN Josh spent the week dropping the filmed images into HTHL’s “new” bush plane. This is not an easy task! It takes hours! Here’s a screenshot of our work in progress.


I spent the week putting together the First Rough Draft for the student’s and teacher’s workbooks. I was so grateful to have and be able to utilize many of your suggestions! It will have 56 pages! My high school daughter looked at it and said, “I wish I had this when I was reading Island of the Blue Dolphins!” The teacher’s guide is stellar! I have to admit the same sentiments as my daughter, “I wish I had this when I was teaching Island of the Blue Dolphins!” The teacher’s guide is the same notebook as the kid’s notebook but has all the answers and teaching points to consider. We sent the project specs to our printer for a bid.  We use a family-owned printing business, who have a heart to serve homeschoolers by offering great prices and great quality. We are blessed to partner with them.

We also put our a casting-call out this week for HTHL kids, and we were overwhelmed with the applicants! We’ll film the HTHL kid segment next week. I’ll keep you posted! I promise you some pics!

Weekly Writing Tips

Five Reasons to Make a Writing Portfolio for Your Child 

Homeschooling has its unique challenges. When I was a child attending public school, I remember seeing my hard work displayed on the bulletin board for all to admire. I remember working harder on the next assignment to present a project of excellence. Truth be told, I felt my kids were missing out on this feeling of accomplishment. In our early years of homeschooling, their writing projects were written on notebook paper and loosely tucked away in a notebook. They knew their work would never be seen, and so a lackadaisical attitude towards writing ensued. Things needed to change. The new writing assignments included creating covers, using special lined paper to recopy their work, and keeping their writing in a special writing portfolio.Their attitudes changed! Our young writers would willingly share their work with grandmas and grandpas and our occasional houseguests. The sense of accomplishment beamed on their little faces.

Five Reasons to Make a Writing Portfolio for Your Child

1. It instills pride in their work and encourages hard work.

2.It instills pride in their work and encourages a willingness to share their work with neighbors and relatives.

3.It instills pride in their work and links creative ideas to writing.

4.It instills pride in their work and gives the student a sense of accomplishment.

5.It instills pride in their work and makes a great end of the year display for co-ops.

FAQ pics with HTHL11.004

The extra time it takes to create a writing portfolio for your child/student is worth it! Besides the noted benefits for your student, you will have a treasure of your child’s writing capturing their thoughts and ideas at this tender age! My children’s writings are still dear to my heart.

Home to Home Blog

Brock Eastman.001Are you looking for a book series that will keep your kids turning the pages and asking for more? Then you will want to meet Brock. Brock Eastman is one of the featured authors in Here to Help Learning’s mini-series, Meet the Authors found in the Write-a-Book project. (Essay Writing Level-Flight 3). I had a lot of fun catching up with Brock and learning about his new adventures! Click on over to Meet Brock Eastman.


Blog in the Making for October 21:  Jennifer Janes and I are teaming up again in a tandem blog post. Jennifer’s Blog will focus on the value of the “pause the film’ feature in HTHL. And  I will be looking at the home educator’s role as a writing coach. It’s our job to be a catalyst to spark ideas and yet provide enough structure to learn how to write. 

Blessings! We hope you have a wonderful week homeschooling! If you need help with our writing program, send us a support ticket. If you just want to ask me a question, click ASK BETH. You could win an HTHL tea/coffee mug!

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