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Summer sunshine does wonders for the soul and for me, as a homeschool teacher, it’s when I get inspired to set goals and design the coming school year. How about you? As you check out our amazing writing program that has served hundreds of families, I  want to make sure that you get your answers quickly! Just hit the support tab. Here to Help Learning’s Writing Program is one of the easiest programs to implement! Once you get through the first writing project, you’ll fall in love and soak up the respite that our lessons provide you, the busy home educator.

Wondering where to start? Our team wants you to enjoy your web experience with us. Click the GREEN “Getting Started” button on the right-hand side of your membership dashboard and follow the five easy steps listed. Please make sure you have a cup of tea or coffee and ask your kids to fan you while you relax. Okay, I’ll admit, your kids probably won’t agree to that. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to hit the support tab and post a question.

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Weekly Writing Tips

Writing Tip

What is an Editor?

An editor is a bridge between the author and the reading world. They shape the content and expand the author’s point of view. They keep the author true to their theme while preserving and even enhancing the writer’s voice. You rarely see the behind-the-scenes work they do, but you know they are there because the author gushes gratitude in the acknowledgment section.

Did you catch the definition? What does it sound like? To me, it sounds like a loving parent or beloved teacher. You, in fact, have the number one qualification to be an editor, YOU CARE!

What Makes an Amazing Editor?

1. Personal Attention

If your child is going to grow as a writer, a child must have clear writing instruction and the personal attention of a wonderful editor. Your one-on-one presence outweighs any other type of feedback. No app is going to do what you do for your student. Writing is not like another subject. In the area of mathematics, the answer is right or wrong. Writing is subjective. There are a hundred if not a thousand ways to communicate the same idea. Each young writer has its own voice and style that’s shaped by the way he looks at the world, and by his personal experiences. The amazing editor provides personal attention to the writer.

2. Ability to Encourage

Writing is hard work. Your young writer, no matter how young, he labors with word choice, sentence structure, character development, setting, conflict, plot, and theme. Writing takes courage! Amazing editors use precise language to keep the writer in place of courage. Words like:

  • I am enjoying this story!
  • You left out a part, what’s going to happen next?
  • I like the word you chose to describe the boat!
  • You have me on the edge of my seat.
  • This needs to be said in writing and you are the one to do it!

Amazing editors speak positive words clearly and keep their maturing young author trekking through the writing process.

3. Ability to Guide

Every amazing editor knows what skills the author is learning. They present individualized feedback at every turn. They know when to push and when to back off. An amazing editor watches the student carefully and understands his writing growth. Your job as a child’s first editor is to help your child grow from their last paper. You can become his guide that will help him succeed!

5. Ability to Let the Writer Shine

Amazing editors get their kicks when the author shines! In their mind, it’s all about making the writer’s thoughts known with clarity and ease of reading so that the writer and the reader can connect and exchange stories and ideas. Amazing editors live to hear from the author, two simple words-thank you.

6. Ability to Provide Consistent Instruction

This is the plan: Write Early, Write Often, Write Well

What does it mean?

Write Early… means you don’t neglect writing instruction just because your child is young. You prepare your child for a great future as a competent, confident writer. It means you honor the dictation level when your child is unable to hold a pencil. It means you introduce the steps of the writing process and show your young author how to apply it to all different types of writing genres.

Write Often…. means, beginning with small kid-size bites, you place the subject of writing in its rightful place with the other core subjects. It means that you don’t take breaks but develop writing habits that will serve your child well no matter what profession he/she chooses. It means you lead your child through the writing process for every writing project.

Write Well… means you know if your child writes early and often, your child will master how to write well.  It means that you will watch. You will cheer. You will patiently correct. It means that you get a front-row seat to see your young author develop as a young writer.

Write early, write often, write well means you engage in all of Here to Help Learning’s 31 Writing Projects. It means you don’t skip any writing projects and don’t give up!

Amazing editors are the Yoda to Jedi writers. A well-loved editor gets the respect of the writer. The loving mom/dad/grandparent home educator has the blessed privilege of being a child’s first editor.

You have all the makings of an amazing editor! You care about the young person in your life and you want to give him or her the gift of communicating with the written language. You have what it takes to be a child’s first editor and this book will help you reach your goal of “amazing editor’ status.

R.I.P. Insecurities.

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“As a composition professor for the past 15 years, I love your program! The steps of the writing process, emphasis on strong words, and necessity of feedback are concepts I’ve been trying to help adults understand for years, but you have successfully made them accessible and FUN for kids. If more students learned these concepts at a younger age, college composition could go back to fine tuning rhetorical skills instead of introducing them” -Konni J.

We’ll help your first grader get from

here to there so he can go everywhere!


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