25 Thanksgiving Writing Warm-Ups!

November 20, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I love the Thanksgiving holiday! For me, it begins the day before Thanksgiving and after my first cup of coffee. I  blast my favorite John Denver’s song, Country Roads and begin making pies. (Please, don’t judge me. I still want to be your friend) It’s a Mora tradition and one that my family dreads. (Perhaps I turn the volume up a little too high?) As I roll the dough, I relive every Thanksgiving memory. Joyful tears are a part of my tried-and-true pie crust recipe. Not everyone in our family will be home for Thanksgiving this year, but we’ll 25still have a full table.

May God richly bless your Thanksgiving Holiday with new joy and the opportunity to warm your heart with memories from days long ago!


There’s a turkey on the Mora’s front door! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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In case you missed it last week…listen to the NEW HTHL Literature Theme Song! Tell us what you think! Micah Ariss, song writer and homeschool graduate delivered! And because you are a HTHL fan, you get to hear it first!

The Adventure Continues on the Next Page

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The Adventure Continues on the Next Page
By Micah Ariss

Activate imagination!
Join the sensation!

We’re going at it every minute, every second, every day
It’s time to discover.
Open your eyes we
can learn from each other.

We’re going coast to coast
Anywhere from China to Rome
Come on everybody pay attention
silence your phones

We’re diving into a book
No telling what we will see
Come on open your minds
And read along with me

Between the covers of a book
And the turning of a page
You can find yourself living
In a whole other age

We’re using our eyes to set the stage
The adventure continues on the next page

Drop us line! Tell us what you think!


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25 Thanksgiving Writing Warm-ups

Over the years, our children have completed special Thanksgiving writing projects for the holiday. I have saved all of them! I love pulling their writing projects out of the Thanksgiving decoration box and reading them over and over. Writing is a great way to capture thoughts and feelings, and make lasting memories.

Our Thanksgiving gift to you!- 25 Thanksgiving Writing Warm-Up Prompts

(Five Categories with Five Thanksgiving Writing Warm-Up Prompts)

5 Silly Writing Warm-Ups

5 Thoughtful Writing Warm-Ups

5 Historical Thanksgiving Warm-Ups

5 Thankful Writing Warm-ups

5 Family Memory Makers


5 Silly Writing Warm-Ups

Thanksgiving 1 Thanksgiving 2Thanksgiving 4Thanksgiving 5Thanksgiving 3

5 Thoughtful Writing Warm-Ups

Thanksgiving Warmups.001

5 Historical Thanksgiving Warm-Ups

Thanksgiving Warmups.0045 Thankful Writing Warm-ups

Thanksgiving Warmups.002Family Memory MakersThanksgiving Warmups.003

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Do you have a “should ofs” in your life? In the last 30 years, I played out my list of, “should ofs” far too many times in my head. My missed “should of” moment gnawed at me through life. Recently, one of my “should ofs” came full circle. Join me me this week at Home to Home as I share this very personal story. A Voice for the Voiceless: An Abortion Story.


Blog in the Making for November 24:  Jennifer Janes and I are teaming up again! This next post is all about teaching writing to kids with special needs. Jennifer will share her first hand experience and I will share practical tips to help your child.

Side Note: If you have a special needs child in your life, you won’t want to miss Jennifer’s five day blog post Five Ways to Make Christmas Easier for the Guest with Special Needs.

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