Fire on July 4 and More Summer Writing

July 14, 2017

Life can change in a moment. On July 4, 2017, my sister’s condo, the home where I grew up, burned down. Her neighbor’s BBQ propane tank leaked and exploded. In seconds, she and my nephew lost everything. Thankfully, no one was injured.

It’s just “stuff”. Yes, lots of stuff was lost.

What remained?


Lots of wonderful memories remained.

 I gazed at the charred room, where my sister, my cousin, and I lived during our high school and college years. Humid smoke and burnt carbon attempted to cloud the memories. Despite the stench, I heard the echoes of laughter from our younger selves. The laughter of three girls, caught between childhood and womanhood, filled the room while we danced in our PJs late into the night. This moment from long ago, wasn’t consumed in the flames.

When things go up in smoke, you realize what is important.

I know many of us are busy planning for next year’s homeschool year. You might be fretting about your curriculum choices or worrying if you are doing enough to serve your family. I can’t help but reflect on how easily I replace tasks, like homeschool planning, for time with the ones I love.

My children don’t remember my curriculum choices. They really don’t.

Here’s what they do remember…

They remember the book I read to them on the couch.

They remember the afternoon that we all cooked together.

They remember the field trips and hands-on projects.

They remember the time we spent playing together and talking together.

They remember the hike through the trees and around the lake.

They remember the time we spent with each other.

No one remembers page 82 of any workbook or any textbook.

Yes, we have to plan for the next homeschool year, but we need to remember to see through the smoke of our tasks and worry. What remains are the memories we make along the way.

Sue Bruno Fire

On July 4, my sister’s condo burned down.

Please pray for my sister. If you would like to help her, click HERE

Weekly Writing Tips

Writing Tip

Summer Writing Fun

 How do you keep your child practicing and enjoying the skill of writing during the summer break? This summer, HTHL’s Writing Tip of the Week will feature 10 fun ideas to keep your child writing!

This Week’s Summer Writing Idea…HOST AN EVENT

Summer Writing 4.001

Hosting an event is a great way to help your child practice writing skills during the summer. It can be any type of event! The ideas are only limited by your child’s imagination.

For example:

  • Leggo Show
  • Doll Fashion Show or Little Girl Fashion Show
  • Teddy Bear Wedding
  • Weather Station
  • Carnival
  • Science Experiments
  • Cooking Show
  • Radio Talk Show

Each idea takes planning and WRITING! Here are just a few writing skills your child will pick up in the name of “fun”!

  • Writing lists and organizing details
  • Writing/drawing advertising signs
  • Writing/designing tickets
  • Writing programs
  • Writing scripts

You might want to encourage your child/children to film the event and share it with friends. Yes, your home may be a little chaotic as your living room may be turned into a wedding hall. (True story: My living room was decorated with white paper chains for a week before the actual “Teddy Bear Wedding” took place.) But it was worth the memories and the hours they spent writing and planning.

At HTHL, we think your child’s imagination is an asset NOT a liability!

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Write Early Write Often Write Well

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Write Early Write Often Write Well

Write Early Write Often Write Well

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