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December 22, 2017

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 How Do you Help Your Child with Writer’s Block?

Writing is the struggle between mankind and the pencil to find the percise words to communicate clearly. The effort often results in a temporary mental block to writing. Sound too dramatic? Not really! The struggle is real. 

Writer’s block will never be  eliminated from the writer’s experience. Ask any writer. The writer must learn to face it and subdue it. As a home educator, how can you help your child develop effective strategies to overcome it?

Here are some tips to overcome writer’s block:

Normalize it! Recognize it happens to EVERY writer. Help your child see it as a normal part of the writing experience. Many times, it is in the struggle of finding the right words that yields an essay worth reading.

Talk about it! Ask your child to talk about what they are going to write. Ask questions to draw out their ideas. The time your child spends talking about what they are planning on writing is one of the best kickstarter activities to writing.

Plan for it! Since it is a normal part of the writing experience, ask your child, WHEN, not IF, you experience writer’s block, what will you do? What has worked before? Have your child record their answers in their writer’s notebook. 

Discuss it! Share your experiences with writer’s block. Have your child interview others to discover what they do when they get stuck with writing. Have them record their findings in their notebook.

Follow the Writing Process! The steps of the writing process help minimize writer’s block. Have your child revisit the steps in their project. Reviewing the Make a List and Webbing step can be very helpful.

Watch Here to Help Learning’s Meet the Authors! This mini-series is found in Essay Writing, Flight 3 and contains real-life practical ways professional authors overcome writer’s roadblocks!

Writers never “outgrow” facing writer’s block. It is a disservice to tell children they can eliminate it from the writing experience. A writer can only learn to develop strategies to lessen the strain.


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