Value 7 Creating a Culture for Writing

March 16, 2018

Oh, the waiting!

My flower pot sits empty, waiting for May first, the day in our area it is deemed safe to plant. Sunrays are beginning to peek through the gray shroud that has covered the Northwest.  Since moving to the state of Washington, I realized that I haven’t thanked my Creator enough for the sun and its sweet rays that warm my soul. In hopes of warmer days and waning frost, I spent the weekend setting out my empty flower pots. I arranged and rearranged each one of them several times imagining what kind of flowers will fill each one.

I’m not patient. I guess that’s not a shocker. Most of us human-types prefer the now rather than the later. I smile and shake my head in politeness when the lady at the market says, “Oh I couldn’t possibly homeschool, I don’t have that kind of patience.” Not wanting to offend or get in trouble for homeschooling our children, I usually smile and head to my maxi-van with my groceries.

However, my inner-Beth response goes something like this:

Dear Lady at the Market,

I’m no different than you. Just like you, I need strength to flip repeatedly flash card after flash card. I need tenacity to explain how to multiply fractions for the thousandth time and perseverance to muster a smile when I need to remind my child to close the loop on the letter ‘a’ or spell the word ‘b-e-c-a-u-s-e’ for ten years straight. There are days I lose my patience. I lose heart and a gray cloud shrouds our family’s homeschooling goals.

However, my dear fellow shopper, there are days when the sun rays break through gray cloudy learning challenges, and I get to see the lights of understanding and wisdom in my children’s eyes. It’s a beautiful sight that I get to witness because the One who called me to homeschooling gives me His strength to flips flashcards day-in and day-out, and he gives me His tenacity to explain how to multiply a fraction again and again. He gives me His joy, His grace, and His patience so that I can gently correct my child who’s gaining in wisdom. To God be the glory, I get to see my child grow!

Yup! That’s what I want to say. Sometimes, if God leads, I do say exactly that.

Dear homeschool mom-As we approach the end of this school year, your patience may wane. It’s understandable. You have worked so hard all year long. However, spring is when we get to see our children sprout with understanding and wisdom. It’s when the countless hours of instruction pay off. Stay the course! Don’t give up! Lean into the endless supply of grace that our generous God dispenses at our humble bidding.

In just a few months, my flower pots will be bursting with color! Not because I’m a fantastic gardener but because there is a season for everything and a God-ordained time for things to grow. Your children are no different.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Galatians 6:9


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Weekly Writing Tips

Writing Tip

Creating a Culture for Writing

 There are ten values that create a foundation for homeschool writing success. (See picture below) We create a culture for writing when we put these values into action.


Creating a Culture For Writing:

Value #7 Valuing the Joy of Writing

More often than not the writing assignment produces moans, groans, and somber tones! It’s dreaded by teachers and students alike. It’s time to wash the drudgery down the drain and take a different approach! It’s time to value the joy of writing! What can you do dear writing mentor? A lot!

  • Praise effort over natural ability.

Some children have a natural ability to write, most do not. Regardless of where your child lands, it’s important to encourage their hard work and not passivity. True accomplishment leads to gratification.

  • Please smile, laugh, and enjoy the process rather than just the final paper.

Enjoy the journey of traveling through the writing process. Refer to previous steps in the journey and celebrate how far your child has come.

  • Load your young writer up with encouragement and affirmation. You did this when they learned to talk. Repeat it while your child is learning to write.

Your words, tone, and body language communicate much to your child. Joy begets joy! Do your part!

  • Provide opportunities to publish or share their writing with others instead of allowing their writing to collect dust in the back of their notebook.

Sharing is caring! Be proud of their efforts and enable your young writer to experience the sheer pleasure of sharing their written word with others.

  • When reading great literature, stop often and marvel with glee well-crafted sentences.

Laugh, cry, and enjoy the craft of expert authors together!

Hayden, pictured below, has a very wise mom. Despite Hayden’s limitations due to autism, she employed every one of these writing tips in order to set a writing banquet of joy for her son. Hayden even completed the Write-a-Book Project with the help of Here to Help Learning’s Essay Flight 3! At his Winging Ceremony, bursting with pride, he asked me, “How many copies would you like Mrs. Mora?” His mother said Hayden that during the HTHL videos, Hayden would laugh at Mrs. Mora’s antics and Knucklehead, the Bassett Hound. She reported that the laughter helped him tackle the next writing task.

How does the joy of writing affect the progress of a young writer? Hayden’s smile answers that question.

When a parent values the joy of writing, they create a culture for writing where a child can thrive in learning how to write. 

Moving On KEYNOTE.007

At the end of HTHL’s Write-a-Book Project, students receive their HTHL Writing Wings in a special winging ceremony.


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“As a composition professor for the past 15 years, I love your program! The steps of the writing process, emphasis on strong words, and necessity of feedback are concepts I’ve been trying to help adults understand for years, but you have successfully made them accessible and FUN for kids. If more students learned these concepts at a younger age, college composition could go back to fine tuning rhetorical skills instead of introducing them” -Konni J.

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