Teaching Both Writing Levels at the Same Time


Has anyone simultaneously taught younger and older students together using Launching Paragraph Writing and Launching Essay Writing? If so, how did you set it up?


As homeschool families we function in a one room schoolhouse setting. The beauty of this is that the older ones get reinforced learning and younger ones get exposure. So what I do is preview both lessons ahead of time and make notes. What the videos and activities have in common we all do together, some over lap, and where they are different we all watch but I differentiate for the kids which one is applicable to their project. The older kids get review the younger exposure. For example we all do writing warm up but I will play the spin the wheel and add it to the mix. Older kids will play younger kids games. We all read our stories together and give input. I will send younger kids on their way but hold older kids behind to review homework or do some of the one on one activities such as reading the poetry and figuring out the rhythm or reinforcing a new concepts.

I am attaching very simple notes of what I do. I have two screens open that I can quickly flip to, one for paragraph and one for essay. My numbers show the order I play them at flipping between the two screens and video sections. I make notes of start and stop times if needed.

Sample video play from Flight 1 Week 5: 1. Paragraph (P) pre flight, 2. (P) check in, 3. (P) take off, 4. Essay (E) take off start :15s, 5. (P) Full throttle, 6. (E) Full throttle, 7. (E) Solo pause :47s, 8. (P) Solo start :19s

It make for a little longer class but shorter then if they were separate. Allows everyone to be together for majority of learning. It requires around 30 minutes of prep the night before but once you get the hang of it that time is shortened even more.

Love this program!

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