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i just signed up for the annual membership monthly payment option and paid via paypal. however when i went to access the site to use it, i was told that i had a one day free trial period and given directions to register. can you check my account status please?

thank you, Kim Spalding


Hi Kim,

I answered your question via email, but I'll post here as well for anyone else who might be experiencing the same thing.

Why did this happen? When you make the payment via Paypal, it exists as a subscription on Paypal's site. After you successfully pay and set up the subscription, we need to link that subscription to an account on our site. From Paypal, you'll be sent to the Member Registration page, along with your Subscription ID number. When you complete the Member Registration form, that subscription information is linked to your account. If you already have an account, there's an option to log in, and that subscription information is linked to your account. In your case, this last step was skipped.

What if I made a payment, but left the Member Registration form? If you made a Payment via Paypal, but for some reason left the Member Registration form, contact us via the Support tab on the left side of the screen or by calling 800-471-7674 x1. We'll be able to send you the unique URL that will link your Paypal subscription to your account.

And PS- If you already have an account and made a payment, look for the link shown in the image below. enter image description here Thanks for asking this question here on the forum, Kim. It'll help answer many people with the same question in the future.

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